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It took a lot of tinkering around with a vision, an idea. After which we put in a lot of time and effort, working so hard without pausing to think about the result, or even the purported “what if” outcome. A short two weeks later, the Espoletta identity was born. And the rest, as they say, was history… So what better way to celebrate its founding than to publish this inaugural article. So let’s get on with it…

What’s Espoletta All About

Espoletta, as the tag-line suggests, is a lifestyle journal. A guide for the casual visitor to explore the world of lifestyle and consumerism. An open and honest introduction to products and services, that would otherwise remain hidden, secluded, tucked away in the far reaches of the retail world.

In a capitalistic, free trade world, size matters… No, not that… The size of the budget of a business, matters. The larger the company, the larger its budget, and the more they can allocate to their advertising and promotion (A&P) activities. Hence, it’s not surprising to see a large chunk of advertising activities come from a handful of large, multinational companies, selling mediocre products and services. With the large A&P budgets come greater awareness by the masses. And whether by design or otherwise, smaller businesses, sometimes offering similar, or even better products or services, are drown out as a result.

Let’s face it, the world is inherently unfair. There’s nothing anybody can do to make it any fairer than what it already is. And smaller players are always disadvantaged from the get go. But what if they can offer a better value than what’s currently available in the market? What if they can offer better quality product or services than those offered by the industry giants? Will they even be able to capture a fair share of the market?

Establishing The Espoletta Spirit

We believe that all consumers deserve to be properly informed for them to make intelligent choices. And being shielded away from the smaller businesses in the market, in favour of the big players, goes against this. It was with this desire to empower the consumers with the relevant information that the spirit of Espoletta was conceived. Armed with this knowledge, consumers are better able to make an intelligent decision on what to purchase, and where to purchase them from.

Let’s just say that we’ve developed a platform to disrupt this status quo. A platform where consumers are free to seek out information freely to make intelligent decisions. And whilst we’re at it, we’ve also indirectly levelled the playing field for businesses too. We believe in equality. And levelling the playing field is the most effective result for the consumers to make informed decisions.

Now Go Forth And Consume Intelligently

We truly believe that we’ve developed a good system, a valuable resource. We welcome our audience, from all walks of life, to explore the wonderful world of intelligent consumerism. If you want to express your opinion on something published, feel free to comment. We also welcome suggestions for future stories too. Or perhaps you have a story that you’d like to share.

We truly hope that you’ll make Espoletta your home, your go-to guide, and information source, on lifestyle and consumerism. After all, we developed this platform for you… all of you…

About CHOW Wei Ming

Brand consultant, photographer, creative director, storyteller, and a true believer of the power of visual communications. Outwardly expresses a friendly disposition, but hides a perfectionist nature deep inside him.

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