Eczema Troubling You?

Eczema is a common skin condition which many people suffer from. In fact, 20% of all Malaysians have eczema, to be exact, and not all know how to treat it properly. People who suffer from eczema may have inflamed, red, or itchy skin. Not only that, but they may have cracked or rough skin, and even blisters.

handmade soap that treats eczema
Favo Bar: A pale yellow bar soap made with avocado oil.

More About Eczema

Eczema, as we call it, commonly refers to atopic dermatitis, which is the most common type of eczema. People with this condition may experience improvement in their skin, and flare ups over certain periods of time.

The symptoms of eczema can vary, depending on the age of the person with the condition. Dry and scaly patches are one of the most common symptoms, and they commonly appear on the skin of infants. However, the patches of skin may change in color over time. To prevent against these symptoms, those suffering from this condition should avoid certain foods. Often foods such as dairy and nuts may trigger symptoms and should be avoided.

Treatment Of Eczema

As of today, there’s still no full cure for eczema, but there are ways to treat it and combat the symptoms. Treatment usually focuses on healing the damaged skin. As a result of this, the symptoms can be alleviated and managed.

Using handmade soap is a good way of treating eczema flare ups. They don’t remove glycerin, a by-product of saponification, which attracts moisture onto the skin. Glycerin is a humectant, so it is naturally more moisturising. Because of this, it treats dry and inflamed skin better. Therefore, handmade soap is a much better option compared to commercial soaps sold in stores, which often don’t contain glycerin and have many chemicals.

Which Handmade Soap Should I Use?

The Audamus brand, a handmade soap brand started by a mum of three in Malaysia, specialises in soap designed to combat eczema. Gloria, the creator of these soaps, started making soaps at home because her kids were suffering from eczema. They tried a multitude of products, including supplements, creams, and changing their diets. Nothing helped, until she tried the soaps she made.

Audamus Natural Handmade Soaps.

Her soap works especially well on dry and sensitive skin. Because of how gentle it is, it can be used on both the body and the face. It also doesn’t have the tightening feeling that usually accompanies most commercial soap on dry and sensitive skin.

True to most handmade soaps, her soaps are also very pure, containing no chemicals and artificial fragrances. They are made with various oils, ranging from palm oil to avocado oil, and some even contain higher end ingredients, such as shea butter. It doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance, as they are known to irritate sensitive skin types. Her soaps are also designed to cleanse your skin without stripping its natural oils. Don’t be surprised if they don’t produce as much bubbles as commercial soap, as they have no foaming agents.

Compared to most commercial soaps sold in stores, Audamus soaps are reasonably priced for the quality that you’re getting. Also considering the fact that it is true handmade soap (made solely from scratch), and that it makes your skin feel softer because of its high conditioning quality, it certainly seems like a good buy for those with eczema. Not to mention it takes only 2-3 days of regular use before those suffering from eczema can see improvements in their skin.

SunnyE Bar: A vibrant yellow bar soap formulated with a high Vitamin E vegetable oil.

Should I Use Handmade Soap?

In conclusion, handmade soap may not be a cure-all, but using the right soap certainly helps in combating skin conditions such as eczema. Audamus soaps are specially designed to do this, and in many cases, using handmade soaps with more natural ingredients may work better than creams and treatments.

For more information on this product, check them out on Facebook here, or check out their website here.

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    • Hi, Thanks for your interest. You can find us on Facebook Audamus Soap and website
      We will officially open for orders in mid June. Do like us on Fb for updates.
      Or contact us at 019 9185188 for booking.

  3. Good info! Would like to try for general skin problem. Not really eczema, more like dry and sensitive skin. How to order?

    • Hi, you can contact us at 019 9185188. You can also find us on Fb Audamus Soap and website
      Available for booking, will be officially open for orders in mid June. Thanks

  4. Thanks for a very informative article!
    I always wondered about eczema and how to prevent it. Looking forward to try the hand made soap (Audamus) and hopefully I can feel the difference.

    • Hi, eczema is an auto-immune disease. Using handmade soap will help in alleviating eczema and dry skin, but it’s not a cure. You should also look into your diet, as there will be one or more allergens causing discomfort.

      The SunnyE bar is great for eczema as it contain high vitamin E, while the Favo bar has avocado oil which is also great for the skin. Thanks.

  5. A very informative article indeed. I have been suffering from eczema on my right foot. For years I have yet to discover a remedy for it.
    Perhaps in the article, I look forward to the type of cream that will help to improve the skin condition.

    • Hi, Thanks for your interest. We are now concentrating on soap at this moment. I will recommend trying skin oil which I will launch next month. This oil will help redness and inflamed skin. The skin oil is without preservatives, chemicals and easily absorbed into the skin. Thanks.

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