ClearSmile – The Secret To A Perfect Smile

It is one of those habitual routines upon awakening; we look at ourselves in the mirror and grin. Just as much as we scrutinise the flaws on our skin, our smile, too, is no different. Everyone dreams of that perfect ‘ClearSmile’ but the fact is most of us are not born with well aligned teeth. Of course, braces is the forefront option when dealing with misaligned teeth but do you know that there is another alternative that is less invasive yet aesthetically pleasing?

Dental aligners, though not common, is fast becoming the treatment of choice over traditional braces. Its appealing method has seen a sudden boom in popular dental aligner companies across the world, and while its concept is slowly seeping into South East Asia, there is one establishment that is already at the helm.

Fattahaminz shows off that perfect smile with ClearSmile
Show off that perfect smile with ClearSmile aligner.
Source: Fattahaminz Instagram.

ClearSmile Who?

The idea of a plastic-looking mould as oppose to metal brackets and wire to straighten one’s teeth seems far-fetched. While dental aligners have a firm footing abroad, they have only recently gained momentum in South East Asia. Established in 2012, ClearSmile is the first company in this region that is giving other dental companies a run for their money.

“We consider Clearsmile as a ‘local’ brand with international standards. This is the first aligner company in South East Asia jointly developed in Singapore and Malaysia with the aim of going global. So far, we have already ventured into Thailand and will be expanding our business borders.”

Calvin soo, Marketing executive of CLEARSMILE

While the the idea of going local is taboo, ClearSmile has certainly upped its game in the advancement of aligners. “For the longest time Invisalign has dominated the industry. Understandably, they are the leading pioneers but we are here to break that convention. It is important for consumers to realise there are other options out there with equal standards and affordability,” says Calvin.

ClearSmile comes with a compact kit that is easy to store and use.
ClearSmile is that easy to store. This compact kit comes with all the basic features needed to kick start your treatment.
Source: ClearSmile FB.

Aligners Versus Braces

Nobody knows I’m wearing braces.


At one point, we have all stumbled on this conundrum. A set of misaligned teeth that makes smiling a chore and the fear of caging our smile behind metal brackets. By convention, braces had always been the treatment of choice by orthodontist but the advent of aligners has given a ray of light to those who fear the ordeal of braces.

Think of it as an invisible braces; one that is easy to wear while retaining its aesthetic function. The whole advantage of this aligner is the comfort rendered to users. Conventional braces, like aligners, uses pressure manipulation but the after-care is off putting to many. “With the traditional braces, daily routines such as brushing and even eating can be a hassle. The thought of looking in the mirror for months with a robotic smile can be daunting but not with invisible aligners,” says Calvin.

Imagine an alternative with faster or equal treatment time, superior comfort, removable and most importantly affordable! However, bear in mind that aligners are, by no means, far more superior than traditional braces.They are a good alternative in simple orthodontic cases with mild to moderate teeth crowding without structural abnormalities.

Which would you prefer? Traditional braces or aligners.
Which would you prefer? Get your own ClearSmile aligners for that million dollar smile.

ClearSmile Is The Way To Go!

“We are not here just for the profit. Above all, we prioritise our clients’ needs, delivering only exceptional dental care.”

Calvin soo

Unlike many big guns in which the individualistic customer care have been slighted, ClearSmile’s focus is precisely that. “We do not just stop at our customers’ demands; in fact, we go the extra mile by offering a holistic dental care,” says Calvin. The one striking service of ClearSmile is their individualistic care for each client. No two persons share the same set of teeth and so is their approach. Every client is given a personalised service and thorough assessment by a certified dentist before commencing treatment.

The key factor in ensuring success of treatment is compliance on wearing time of minimum 20 hours a day. A regular visit to the doctor prior and during treatment is an absolute must to prevent disappointments and drop out cases. “It usually only takes a 10-minute review by a dentist every three to four weeks. Consumers just have to adhere to their dentist’s advice to see a faster treatment time (almost 50% faster than braces),” says Calvin.

The most noteworthy aspect of ClearSmile aligners is its affordability. Don’t think that this cost friendly option is not on par with other renowned brands. Such a reasonably priced option with unequivocal quality is certainly an eye-opener to consumers. At the end of the day, both high end aligners and ClearSmile invisible aligners provide the same result and efficacy, so the choice bores down to preference.

A positive review from a satisfied client under ClearSmile's provider, SMC dental works.
Every care is individualised and holistic. The end results are just the same as other renowned brands.
Source: ClearSmile FB and SMC Dental works.

That Million Dollar Smile

“We want people to know their options. Although we are a local brand, our benefits and advantages are exactly the same.”

calvin soo

Phyllis Diller once said a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Sometimes, that million dollar smile takes a little effort and care. While it is still considered an emerging company, ClearSmile has already begun to make its mark on an international platform. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a household name, boasting impeccable quality while retaining its personalised touch. In short, ClearSmile is, indeed, a force to be reckoned with.

3 basic steps in application of aligners; Place, Snap and Show Off!
It is as easy as the above 3 steps. Visit a ClearSmile provider and get your full dental assessment to see the desired results.
Source: ClearSmile FB.

For more information on ClearSmile and its invisible aligners, visit ClearSmile website, Facebook and Instagram page. A list of providers is also available on the website. Alternatively, you can contact them via email at

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