From Hobby To Business: Handmade Accessories By Amanda Lim

Handmade Accessories As A Hobby

If you have some free time in your hands, how would you spend it? Would you spend it binge-watching a new TV series on Netflix, or would you pick up something new? Amanda Lim, who was previously featured in Espoletta for her thorough and sought-after skills in professional will writing, chose the latter. The fashion-forward and skilful single mother decided to sign up for classes that taught her how to do her own fashion accessories. Since then, she has translated her creativity into a dazzling array of handmade accessories. In two months’ time, she has completed over 300 pieces of handmade accessories, with many of them now sold.

Earring sets with prancing unicorn motifs. handmade accessories
Charms and beads are a regular feature in Amanda’s handmade accessories.

A Conversation That Ignited Her Crafty Hands

It started from a conversation with her sister who knew someone selling handmade accessories. Amanda, who has always had crafty hands and a keen eye for fashion, was immediately inspired. She decided that this would be a great avenue for creative expression. All she needed was to learn the basics of handcrafting accessories, and she would be able to attempt her own designs. She recalled being so excited about the idea of making her own accessories that she could hardly sleep at night. There were just too many design ideas!

A little later by chance, Amanda got to know a teacher holding workshops on handcrafting accessories. Amanda took up the opportunity and went for her class. There, she learnt how to manipulate coils and wirings required to make earrings. After sourcing her own materials that included charms, Swarovski crystals and natural gemstones, she started experimenting.

a pair of pearl and charm earrings. handmade accessories
The coiling underneath the earring hooks for all Amanda’s earrings are coiled by hand.

The Outcome: Beautiful Designer Pieces, Made With Love

In just one weekend, Amanda painstakingly handcrafted around 60 pairs of earrings. Every piece was a unique pair, where every chosen charm, colour and curve was laden with thought. Many of the earrings had a bronze finish to it, evoking a vintage air. It was no easy feat, as the little trinkets required a lot of detailed wire coiling work. Often, she ended up with sore fingers. However, she found the effort worth it as it ensured symmetry in all her pairs.

The best part? She made sure all the accessories were nickel or copper free. This meant that people with sensitive skin could wear them without getting irritated.

Different Types Of Handmade Accessories

As she learnt more new techniques, she incorporated them into her practice. As a result, she created a bigger variety of jewellery pieces, such as making bracelets or using a Japanese threading pattern called kumihimo. Most recently, she has expanded into making bookmarks as well, which was well received.

Having completed so many designs, one would wonder where does Amanda get the inspiration from. Unlike many other designers out there, Amanda was not the type to keep an inspiration mood board. She shared that she preferred to have some quiet time to think of designs. “Sometimes, I do get stuck but then inspiration will come. I can suddenly have ideas for more than 10 different designs,” she said.

bookmark with leaf charm. handmade accessories
Bookworms rejoice! Here’s a pretty way to make sure you don’t forget which page you left off.

From Passion To Profit

With the help of her sister, Amanda started placing some of her designs at a booth in her sister’s restaurant to gauge the public’s response. Moreover, she kept the prices of the accessories low. This ensured that customers could afford exclusive designs at affordable prices. As her sister’s restaurant happened to be a popular seafood restaurant, there is always a good flow of customers. It would not always be the same crowd either. Urbanites often take time out on public holidays to drop by. Eventually, curious customers started coming up one by one, and bought most of her pieces.

It was interesting for Amanda to see how different pieces held different appeal to different customers. Initially, something may seem unpopular when she displayed them at the stall in the restaurant. However, customers from other places may end up loving the piece. At the end of the day, she realised there was always something for everyone.

Accessories stall at seafood restaurant. handmade accessories
Where you can find the accessories at the moment – River View Seafood Restaurant, Kuala Selangor.

What’s Next For Amanda’s Handmade Accessories

Due to the time-consuming nature of handcrafting accessories, new pieces don’t come often. Imagine doing this while juggling daytime work and motherhood! This led Amanda to refuse interested customers who want to buy in bulk.

For now, all her pieces are regularly on display at her sister’s restaurant. She makes an appearance there occasionally to talk to customers. Additionally, she has plans to be more active on social media, so that she can cater to interested customers who aren’t able to travel to the restaurant.

earrings with Swarovski teddy bears.
A signature style of AmandaLim, With Love – Swarovski teddy bear earrings.

Check Out Amanda Lim’s Handmade Accessories At:

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River View Seafood Restaurant, No 1, Jalan Besar, Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia

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