What Does Your Dentist Say About Dental Aligners?

Now at this point, dental aligners seemed to trump braces in many ways. From their aesthetic appeal right down to their effectiveness, dental aligners seem to have all the right answers. So why is it still a matter of debate? There is always that butterfly in the stomach when it comes to the most apt dental treatment. One wrong decision can have a huge setback on your treatment goals and even budget. No doubt, everyone needs professional advice which begs the question: What does your dentist have to say about dental aligners?

The Medissa Dental Experience

Tucked in the heart of Kota Damansara, Medissa Dental Clinic has been up and running with Dr Ain at the helm since 2016. “In three years, we managed to expand our services and we now have ten branches,” says Dr Ain. She has been advocating the use of dental aligners and is currently offering all kinds of medical and dental treatments.

Getting a dental aligner treatment is pretty simple at Medissa Dental Clinic. To begin the treatment, a simulation model of the patient’s teeth is shown and every predictive steps and movements of the teeth is demonstrable via a programme. In that way, patients are given an idea about the duration and the final outcome upon completion. How amazing is that!

The Medissa Dental team collaborating with ClearSmile team and Fattah Amin, promoting dental aligners.
The Medissa Dental team collaborating with ClearSmile team and Fattah Amin in creating awareness and promoting the use of dental aligners.

Why Does My Dentist Dodge The Use Of Dental Aligners?

Just like many of us, Shahida, who was previously featured in Espoletta, was left to wonder as to why her dentist dodged the subject of dental aligners altogether. Is there any fine print about aligners that we are oblivious about? Or is it just a matter of preference amongst dentists?

“Some dentists refuse to do aligners probably because of the lab cost. Besides, it isn’t easy finding patients who want to pay a big amount as aligners are still more expensive than conventional braces,” explains Dr Ain. “Although aligners were introduced in 1997, not all dentists are exposed to its use. The old school of thought believes in conventional and self-ligating braces. Somehow, to them, it is easier to review and follow-up with patients,” she added.

The Dentist Weighs In On Dental Aligners Versus Braces?

“Each aligner adjusts your teeth according to the plan decided by your dentist. The added advantage is that, unlike conventional braces, it does not only involve teeth but also works on muscle retraction for faster result.”

Dr ain, medissa clinic dentist

It sounded like a mythical fact; an invisible plastic mould that could realign our teeth sans the hassle of braces. Indeed, it sounds too good to be true, so how do we sift seemingly biased promotional advertisements from actual reality?

“Dental aligners are generally effective, but not in all cases. Some cases may just require simple extraction or non extraction methods. On the whole, dental aligners work faster than normal braces but that depends on the patient’s cooperation,” says Dr Ain.

Gingivitis is a common occurrence for those with braces due to poor oral hygiene. Brushing and cleaning are made difficult but all that can be prevented with the use of dental aligners. The key element in ensuring effective treatment is cooperation and compliance, failing that, the entire process will be futile. “Another plus point is that it is suitable for those who can’t wear fixed orthodontics due to work restrictions i.e. celebrities, stewardess or models,” says Dr Ain.

Fattah Amin posing next to ClearSmile aligners.
“Exercise is important to health, a set of proper aligned teeth is essential as well. Having ClearSmile Invisible Aligners does just that without sacrificing my freedom,” says Fattah Amin.
Source: ClearSmile Facebook page and Fattah Amin’s Instagram.

Scepticism About Dental Aligners…

One of the major challenges with aligners is the scepticism about their benefits. Most patients tend to form an opinion that dental aligners won’t work as well as normal braces, plus they are also considered expensive. “It is usually the patients with the aforementioned work restrictions who are totally into aligners, otherwise not many will bother,” says Dr Ain.

Like most fledgling ideas, the main issue is awareness and education about their functions. “Many people are not aware about their existence. It is important to create awareness as well as provide the best options for their circumstances. For example, if a patient wanted to wear braces and at the same time study abroad, then aligners will be the right treatment. Subsequent follow-ups can be on a monthly basis depending on the situation,” explained Dr Ain.

As for the efforts undertaken by Medissa Dental Clinic in creating awareness, Dr Ain had a practical approach. “Aside from educating our patients, we collaborate with celebrities like Fattah Amin for endorsements. It is important to get the right message across so that people are aware of their options,” says Dr Ain.

The Dentist’s Final Verdict On Aligners

In a nutshell, aligners are another option for correcting some orthodontic problems. They align your teeth just as braces do, but using transparent removable aligners.

“The biggest dilemma about conventional braces is the oral hygiene. With aligners, just brush as usual and keep on flossing. Always remember to keep the aligners clean before using it. It is as simple as with washing it under running water. Lastly, if you want to straighten your teeth let it be the best. Do it with ClearSmile.”

Dr ain
Dr Ain in black with the rest of her team in blue at Medissa Clinic, Kota Damansara.
Dr Ain, fourth from the left, with her team at Medissa Dental Clinic, Kota Damansara.

For those interested in aligners treatment, visit Medissa Dental Clinic at Kota Damansara for a detailed treatment plan, as well as visit ClearSmile official website and Facebook page for more information.

Address: 29, Jalan Nuri 7A, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

General line : +603 6144 0600

Opening Hours : Mon – Sun from 9am till 9pm

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