Suit Up Series: Types Of Suits You Can Wear

Of all the types of clothing out there, especially for a man, nothing holds more importance than a suit. A good suit carries the wearer through multiple settings, from a work meeting to a wedding. Suits can also be suitable for dates. Both the fancier ones and occasionally a stylish, casual one. Therefore, it is essential that the suit he picks is well-suited for most, if not all his needs. This article picks up from the first article in the Suit Up Series. Let our beloved bespoke premium fabric distributor and tailor Tommy Cha give us the tell-all on what suit you can wear.

Fabric For Suits – The Usual Suspects

An important factor to consider before buying any suit is the type of suit fabric you want. This may sound complicated but fortunately, the general options out there are few. Just know that natural fibres are the go-to for high quality, longer lasting suits. After that, you just need to think of what fabric suits best for the occasion and weather you have in mind.

The top fabric pick for suits, especially three piece suits, is wool. This is the preferred fabric for most formal settings. Being a natural fibre, wool suits have high breathability – one can wear it at all times of the day. You can wear a wool suit during warm weather and when it gets colder. Wool suits are also very durable, and do not crease easily. For most occasions, you can never go wrong with a navy blue suit or a grey suit.  

Classic grey suits
A classic grey suit is a must-have in any man’s wardrobe.

For those who would like to keep cool in high temperatures, linen may be your best option. Linen suits are very lightweight. However, the lightness of the fabric makes it easier to crease. Therefore, linen suits are usually opted for more casual settings. Linen suits are perfect for summer weddings, and outdoor gatherings. There’s a lot more leeway when choosing the colour for a linen suit, making it a fun fabric to wear. Feel free to pair it with lightweight clothes like crewneck shirts and khaki, or with jeans.

Linen, a crisp and light option.

New Fabrics In The Market

As innovations continue in the field of textile design, the market is starting to see newer fabrics trickling in. These days, you can find suits made out of a few different natural fibres. For example, you can have a suit made out of a wool and silk blend. The addition of silk gives it the usual structured wool suit an extra shine.

Natural blend suits
A fine example of a suit using natural blend fabric – a mix of wool, linen and silk.

A new definition of luxury in the department of suits has arrived. Touted as an eco-friendly, sustainable fabric, bamboo has been making waves in the textile industry. Bamboo grows naturally and does not involve pesticides or herbicides. Bamboo fabric is also known for being a soft fabric, making it very comfortable for wear. Additionally, it is cooling and odour-absorbent, making it a great choice for those who sweat often.

bamboo suits
Luxury, comfort and style all-in-one when you wear a suit made of bamboo fabric.

The Worsted Alsport And Fresco Collection

As for Tommy’s idea of luxury among his extensive range of fabrics, a good word is put in for the Worsted Alsport and Fresco collection, both by Huddersfield. The Worsted Alsport collection is specially designed by UK’s most in-demand textile designer Nigel Hardy, featuring ‘town tweed’ in vibrant deco colours. This well constructed wool also comes with a crisp finish, and its weight is perfect for all-year round wear. Due to the contemporary touch to the collection, trousers made from it can be a stand-alone piece. Goodbye boring trouser or jean options.

As for Fresco, which is a collection of twisted yarn fabric, it is an iconic fabric perfect for travel due to its ability to resist wrinkles and high breathability. There is the choice to choose from either lightweight Fresco Lite or the original Fresco collection, but both boasts over 100 different styles altogether.

A suit made from the Fresco Lite range.

Style For Suits

Now that you have chosen what kind of fabric you want for the suit, next up is style. For formal occasions, it is preferable to have a clean cut suit. There is a massive difference wearing a custom suit and one that is bought off the racks. You are more likely to look sloppy in the latter. And you will almost always need to get your off-the-rack suit tailored later to fit better. This is where good tailoring comes into play. A custom suit is made according to all your measurements, even your unflattering parts. Custom suits highlight your best physical features, and turn attention away from less flattering features.

Something that most men are probably not aware of, is the amount of variety in suit patterns. Suits come in more than just a few check and stripe patterns. Did you know that there are hundreds of suit patterns out there? Visit a bespoke tailor, and you will be amazed.

Portofino suits
Windowpane check pattern on a refreshingly blue suit, only available in the exclusive Portofino range by Huddersfield.

Aside from suit patterns, you can play around with the size of the lapels. Small lapels have been fashionable in the past, but now it’s wider lapels. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a statement through your suit.

Stylish Add-Ons

To many, it is common knowledge to pair a suit with a nice shirt and a sensible pair of shoes. To really complete the look for your suit, give a thought to accessories. Suit accessories typically include ties, cufflinks, and lapel pins. While suits can look similar, using suit accessories show your attention to detail and personal style better. Choosing the right suit accessory is bound to give you extra class, and make you stand out as the unique man that you are.

You can find all kinds of stylish suit accessories in Tommy Cha’s gallery. He has a wide range of silk ties, rhodium cufflinks and lapel pins available. One of his personal recommendations would be Italian brass buttons. These buttons can only be found in two stores nationwide, including Tommy’s Absolute Opulence.

Italian brass buttons
Italian brass buttons can add a great touch to your suit.

Where To Get Suits

Now, satisfy all your sartorial whims and fancies with a custom suit today with Tommy Cha at Absolute Opulence. Absolute Opulence is your one-stop go-to for all kinds of premium fabrics and accessories brought in from the United Kingdom and Italy. You can make an appointment at his gallery in Bartailor, a speakeasy bar in Petaling Jaya.

Website: Absolute Opulence
Location: Absolute Opulence Galleria
(BarTailor Malaysia)
42-B, Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Tel: +60 12 290 0308

Or, to find out more about Tommy Cha, read up the first article in his Suit Up Series on Espoletta.

Note: All mentioned fabrics are available at Absolute Opulence. Picture credits go to Huddersfield Fine Worsteds & Hardy Minnis from the United Kingdom, exclusively available in Absolute Opulence.

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