An Adventure Into A Florist’s

It was my mother’s birthday today and due to my packed schedule, I had forgotten to buy her a birthday present! What made matters worse was that I was meeting her later to celebrate the occasion over dinner! “What can I get her at this time?” was all I could think of. My mind was working itself into a frenzy as I quickened my pace. All the brightly lit shops in the mall beckoned to me with their beautiful displays and cute arrangements. I stopped in my tracks as a florist shop came into view. How about a bouquet of lovely flowers?

Front view of the florist's I visited: I Do Flower Boutique.
The florist’s that I decided to visit: I Do Flower Boutique.

Stepping Into Flower Heaven

The sweet-smelling aroma of flowers accosted my nose almost as soon as I stepped into the quaint shop. Not being someone who associated themselves much with flowers, I just could not seem to recognise which scent belonged to which flower. Nor could I put a name to the many different types of flowers and plants my eyes encountered. It was a whole new world filled with brightly-coloured and artfully arranged flowers and plants, some of which I had never seen before. I felt like a fish out of water; surrounded by something I was so unfamiliar with.

The various types of flowers and plants that were on display in the florist shop.
The various types of flowers and plants that were on display in the florist shop.

To my immense relief, a staff member who seemed to have caught on to my cluelessness, hurried to my side. With much hesitancy, I explained my predicament to her. Laughingly, she described what one should know and do when visiting a florist shop. For those who consider visiting a florist shop as a trip into the great unknown, this is for you!

Step 1: Know Your Purpose Before Going Into The Florist’s

There are so many reasons as to why we venture into a florist shop out of the blue. It could be because we want to buy a bouquet of flowers for a wedding anniversary, a child’s graduation and so much more. Maybe we just need a potted plant to beautify our homes. Whatever the occasion, we always want to buy the best! In my situation, I needed a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my mother’s birthday.

Step 2: Know Your Budget

Knowing exactly how much you can spare to spend on a bouquet of flowers is important. Based on your budget, the florist can recommend different types of flowers to choose that falls within the boundaries of your budget while ticking all the boxes that the occasion befits. The florist can also recommend design and colour options that both fit the budget and suit your taste at the same time. With that in mind, I was immediately led to an array of flowers that remained within my budget of MYR100.

Step 3: Choose According To The Florist’s Recommendation

The florist began to show me various types of flowers I could use. In my case, since the bouquet I was getting was for my mother, she advised me to get something my mother liked. Upon realising I had no idea what my mother liked, she offered me a few options: roses, carnations, peonies, and orchids. After much deliberation, I decided on orchids. I had heard somewhere that orchids represented love and beauty, which encapsulated my mother perfectly.

Thinking that would be all, I turned to pay at the counter, but no! To my surprise, I was asked whether I preferred baby’s breath or eucalyptus leaves to be used as fillers. Furthermore, I was also asked what design I would favour for the bouquet. After much hesitation, I decided on baby’s breath as the fillers and a simple light pink wrapping paper to wrap the bouquet in. The florist began arranging my bouquet for me at once. Finally, everything was over, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Phalaenopsis orchids: the orchids I decided to use for my mother's bouquet.
Phalaenopsis orchids: the orchids I decided to use for my mother’s bouquet.

As she started to wrap my bouquet, my ears pricked as I heard her mention the words “vegetable bouquet” in a passing comment. That got my attention immediately. I was overwhelmed with curiosity to find out what it was about! I mean, have you ever heard of a “vegetable bouquet” before? If you haven’t, let me tell you now. A vegetable bouquet is simply a bouquet of vegetables to substitute the usual flowers! The vegetables used can range from broccoli to lettuce, cabbage to carrots, and so much more. There are even fruit bouquets, where fruits are used, and herb bouquets as well. If you want to find out more, click here!

A picture of some vegetable bouquets.
Vegetable bouquets.

The Outcome: Which One Do I Choose?

I was in a dilemma. My mother loved eating fruits and vegetables with all her heart; sometimes she could go a whole day without eating any meat! I knew that gifting her with a vegetable or fruit bouquet would please her more than the usual flower bouquet ever would. However, the orchids I had initially chosen were symbolic of my love for her, which a vegetable bouquet, no matter how unique, could not portray. I felt conflicted; which one should I choose?

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For more information on I Do Flower Boutique and the products and services they provide, you can contact them via their telephone/fax number +603 7726 6077. Alternatively, you can visit their Instagram page.

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