Owning Your Own Invisible Aligners – As Easy As ABC

By now, the secret to a perfect smile should come as no surprise. We have heard it all; the opinion of a dentist and the experience of a doctor wearing traditional braces, and the final verdict? Evidently, invisible aligners have proven to be a game changer, so what is the next step once it is the choice of treatment for you? You’d be surprised that it is actually as easy as ABC to get hold of your very own invisible aligners.

The ClearSmile Easy Steps

Believe it or not, the hardest step is actually coming to a decision regarding the best treatment modality. Once you have decided on aligners, what follows is a systematic approach to achieve that perfect smile. Of course, there are many options for aligners in the market but if ClearSmile is your choice, then here are the steps.

Step 1: Take A Survey

Aligners easy survey form
Take a survey on ClearSmile’s official website.
Source: ClearSmile official website.

Who says survey forms are dreary. No doubt questionnaires can be time consuming, but ClearSmile has a relatively simple approach. Only the most basic personal information is required along with 8 photos of your teeth from various angles as shown in the free online survey form. This is all part of the initial assessment to ensure that aligners are the right modality for you.

Step 2: Case Review

Aligners easy case review with ClearSmile at no cost.
The case review is absolutely free of charge!
Source: ClearSmile official website.

Undoubtedly, there is always a conundrum when it comes to choosing the right dentist for you. After all, it will either make or break your treatment. So how do you know which dentist offers the aligners of your choice? With ClearSmile, their list of certified panel dentists will evaluate your current teeth based on the images. Those who are eligible, will receive an appointment for a detailed explanation at zero cost! You can even select your preferred dentist from the listed panels.

Step 3: Consultation

Here comes the real deal. The consultation with your dentist will include first time scaling, Polyvinyl Siloxane (PVS)/digital impression scanning, two X-rays and 8 professional images. The images will be sent over to ClearSmile for design and prescription, and it is during this process that the number of treatment steps will be determined. All this for a non-refundable fee of MYR 380 paid directly to your dentist. Moreover, once you have decided to proceed with the treatment plan and its scheduled duration, the fee will then be deducted from the total treatment amount! Now, that is definitely value for money.

Fattah Amin teaming up with Medissa clinic and ClearSmile.
Medissa Clinic is just one of the many panel dentists listed under ClearSmile for its aligners treatment. Here is ClearSmile collaborating with Medissa Clinic and local celebrity Fattah Amin.
Source: ClearSmile’s Facebook page.

The total treatment cost based on the scheduled duration:

Simple Case4 to 6 monthsMYR 7,999
Moderate Case7 to 12 monthsMYR 9,499
Difficult CaseAbove 12 monthsMYR 10,999

Step 4: Treatment Proposal

Easy aligners proposal form
Get the best treatment proposal by consulting your dentist.
Source: ClearSmile official website.

After the detailed case review, comes the treatment plan. The certified panel dentist will prescribe a proposal for your approval within one to two weeks. By the end of it, a 3D simulation (SmileCheck) of the desired end result will be shown at no extra cost.

Step 5: ClearSmile Invisible Aligners

You are now convinced that aligners treatment is the one for you. After making the full payment to your dentist, begins the process of fabricating and shipping the aligners to the respective dentists. The final price will be MYR 7,619 for simple cases after deduction of the non-refundable fee.

The Clearsmile Invisible Aligners
The invisible aligners that are changing the game of dental treatment.
Source: ClearSmile’s Facebook page.

Step 6: Additional Invisible Aligners

What if your teeth don’t realign according to plan? Certainly, additional aligners apart from the existing ones will be required. It then begs the question; Do I have to pay for it? The answer is No. Yes, you heard it right. The silver lining with ClearSmile is that all additional aligners are fabricated at NO extra cost, only if NO extra digital images are required.

Step 7: Re-Scanning

Sometimes the teeth alignment won’t go according to plan for many reasons (e.g. users do not wear the aligners according to the stipulated number of hours). In such cases, retaking of PVS/digital impression re-scanning is necessary. Unfortunately, there is no running away from the additional cost of MYR 200 per scan.

Step 8: Retainers

This is perhaps the most overlooked and crucial step in the whole treatment. Do not think that a perfect set of teeth is everlasting once treatment is over. The chances of your teeth becoming misaligned again is high without the use of retainers. To save yourself from the pain of undergoing the same treatment over and over again, ClearSmile has even thrown in the first set of retainers for FREE. Bear in mind that additional sets (if required) will set you back MYR 600. Lastly, always remember that retainers are essential in maintaining that ‘Mona Lisa’ smile.

Red Lips with perfect smile using retainers.
Keep that beautiful smile by using your retainers!
Source: ClearSmile official website.

Invisible Aligners With ClearSmile

The choice has been made and the steps are remarkably easy. The bottom line is that every successful treatment falls back on the the 2 C’s: commitment and compliance. Although these steps illustrate the ease of the process, the reality of the situation can be challenging. Depending on the complexity of the case, some steps may even overlap, but it is important to be patient and compliant with every outlined step. And with a little bit of luck, the entire journey will be brief and eventually fruitful.

For more information on the treatment promo, visit ClearSmile official website and Facebook page. A list of providers is also available on the website. Alternatively, you can contact them via email at care@clearsmile.asia.

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