Calligraphy: The Lost Art Of Hand Lettering

Do you know that there are calligraphy services where you can request to have your favourite words turned into beautiful pieces of art? Some ways to use these services are to make your events such as wedding or birthday parties fancier, to give the calligraphy art to your loved ones as a reminder that you love them, or simply for you to appreciate the art of calligraphy. Farah Fatimah Maswadi offers calligraphy services, where you can request her to use her talent to add some personal touch for your gifts. Below are some of the services that Farah offers. Who knows, maybe after this you may have some unique gifts idea to create for yourself or your loved ones.

Calligraphy; the art of handwriting.
Calligraphy; the art of hand lettering. With calligraphy, you can turn a plain writing into decorative art.

Glass Frame Calligraphy

Personalised glass frame.
Personalised glass frame calligraphy by Farah.

Do you want to give your loved ones a personalised present, but you are tired of giving them scrapbooks or just a photograph of you two? Here’s an idea; how about a glass frame, but with your or his/her name written on it?

One of Farah’s services is glass frame calligraphy. As you can see from the picture, she can write any words in a pretty way and let it sit on the glass frame. The glass frame honestly look pretty to me! A plain glass frame adorned with pretty brush lettering on top of it with colours of your choice is a perfect gift to give to someone you love. It doesn’t have to be your or your loved one’s name, you can also request for other words to be displayed on the glass. After all, that’s the idea behind calligraphy services; which is for you to ask the talented calligrapher to beautify your favourite words. You can put pictures inside the frame, but it would still look beautiful with just the glass frame. A pretty unique gift idea, don’t you think?

Canvas Calligraphy

A wedding signage made from a canvas calligraphy.
Beautiful wedding signage! This is done with watercolour according to Farah.

If glass frame is too small for your liking, you can also request for canvas calligraphy. Not only it is perfect for decorations, but you can also use this as a signage board for your events. Want to spice up your wedding ceremony? Or maybe you want to make your birthday party a little bit fancier? Farah’s canvas calligraphy is perfect for you! As seen from above, she has done a canvas calligraphy for a wedding before. There is also freedom of choice for you to choose the background colours, fonts or any kind of calligraphy you’d like her to do.

Bookmark Designing

Sets of bookmarks designed by Farah.
One of Farah’s bookmark design, commissioned by a mental health campaign.

You can also request for personalised set of bookmarks designed by Farah. Farah has designed sets of bookmarks for multiple projects, such as for mental health campaign. If you’re wondering what kind of door gifts you should give to people who attend your event, why not give them bookmarks with your personal touch? Maybe you’re planning to have a grand birthday party this year, and you can give them bookmarks to thank them for coming to your party! Farah is also a good visual designer, so you can request her to design your bookmark other than lettering art for an affordable price.

Farah’s Various Specialisation

A poem written with a brushpen calligraphy.
One of Farah’s favourite poems, written by Farah with a brushpen.

Farah’s services are not limited to these three. She explained that you can also request for personalised gift cards or poetry. Farah herself is a huge fan of poems, and she always post herself doing hand lettering of her favourite poems on Instagram.

A combination of Arabic (Andalus) and English calligraphy (Fraktur).
Combination of Arabic calligraphy (Andalus) and English calligraphy (Fraktur).

What’s unique about Farah’s services is that it’s not limited to modern calligraphy. She likes to experiment with different kinds of medium when doing art, which includes watercolour, copperplate and fraktur. She’s also good in trying her hands on different kind of lettering forms. Other than the usual modern English calligraphy, she’s also great at Arabic calligraphy letterforms (Khat) from Nasakh to Diwani. So if you’re a fan of Arabic calligraphy, you can also request her to make it for you. She said “the main point of my services are that they are affordable”. Hence, you don’t have to worry so much about the pricing when you request her services.

If you’d like to explore more about the world of calligraphy, you may venture into Farah’s instagram. You can also order her services by visiting her website.

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