Suit Up Series: Gentlemen’s Walk At Malaysia Fashion Week

The launch of Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) 2019 at Publika on 14 October 2019 was an event not to be missed. This year, for the first time ever, Gentlemen’s Walk, organised by Gentleman’s Codes was held to kickstart the week. This was Malaysia’s very first rendition of Pitti Uomo. In the style of Pitti Uomo, top local tailors and menswear enthusiasts came together in impeccable suits. For those who are unfamiliar with Pitti Uomo, it is a revered biannual event for men’s fashion held in Florence, Italy.

Absolute Opulence fabric book
Absolute Opulence is the sole distributor of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds on show at Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) 2019 in Publika.

Preparing For Gentlemen’s Walk

The main highlight of Gentlemen’s Walk was the Suit Walk Fashion Show, which I was fortunate to participate in. This was where tailors bring their muses along on stage, to showcase the best threads around. I was offered to get dressed by Tommy Cha of Absolute Opulence along with two other models. All three of us would be dressed in distinct, bespoke suit styles, all made with Absolute Opulence’s signature Huddersfield fabric. As the stage on the day itself was going to be dominated by mostly male models, Tommy decided to play up the contrast with two female models. Not one to miss an exciting opportunity, I said yes to the suit.

The first thing I learnt before Fashion Week started was how much preparation was required. From the moment I said yes, we had to start scheduling appointments. In the first week, I had my measurements taken. The numbers that Tommy mindfully jotted down would eventually be used to create my suit. It was going to be a black suit jacket with a pair of green high-waisted trousers with brown stripes on the sides. All in a ultra lightweight, fine merino wool. It was very comforting knowing that what I would be displaying to the world was something unique, and not made for a size 0 model. By the second week, he had finished the suit. I just needed to come in to give it a try, see if there were any nips and tucks required.

Our Huddersfield Looks For MFW And Gentlemen’s Walk

The show was just two days after I had my first fitting. While the event was due to start at 6pm, models typically had to prepare hours earlier to perfect the look. The other female model involved in the show was Eleen Yong, a top model in the local scene. Thanks to her, a styling team consisting of Azukii, Katniss and Hana was secured for the both of us to do our makeup and hair. In three hours’ time, they had transformed our faces. To match her stage outfit, Eleen’s look was soft and feminine, with wavy curls. For myself, I sported an edgy makeup look with a sleek hairstyle. Then, it was time to head off to Publika.

Tommy and his models at MFW
All models (L-R: Eleen, Kenny, Ashley) are wearing Huddersfield Fine Worsted.

After changing into our respective suits, it was time for all the little touches to complete the look. Jewellery, bags, and heels. Eleen opted for a grey bag to match her flowy, pastel pink linen suit. I decided to go without one. The third model, Kenny Low, who is a local Chinese singer, had also arrived then in his grey suit. What a sight, all three of us sporting different styles of suiting! While guests were being ushered to their seats at the front of the hall, tailors and models took the time to have their pictures taken.

Taking The Stage In Huddersfield

Backstage, the atmosphere was crackling with anticipation. Everyone was in the line, ready to go. Finally, someone close to the stage gave the cue. The other tailors started taking the stage, some alone and some with models. Absolute Opulence would be the last to go out. Tommy went first, followed by Eleen, Kenny and I. The lights were blinding; you could not see the watchful gaze of the audience even if you tried. Cameras flashed in the distance. I continued walking, feeling waves of confidence in the most expensive suit I have ever worn.

Tommy Cha
Tommy Cha from Absolute Opulence.
Eleen Yong
Eleen Yong shines in Roger La Viale’s pink 100% linen.
Kenny Low
Kenny Low in smart casual style, featuring Chelsea collection.
Ashley Hoh
Myself wearing Chelseas II collection suit jacket and Blasone II trousers, both made of lightweight Australian merino wool.

In the blink of an eye, we had completed our walk, and were all out the door. The organisers then recalled us all back inside; the guests showing their appreciation by a round of applause. Once we were back inside, it was only more picture-taking. This time, with the organisers and some of the esteemed guests of the night. Despite going all over the place and being in a crowded room then, I briefly noted how I was barely sweating. Ahh, must be the suit.

Group picture post MFW
A group photo of the heavyweights and enthusiasts of menswear tailoring.

Visit Absolute Opulence

This is the third article in the Suit Up Series. The first picture and stage pictures are provided by Facepics. You may click here to catch up on the first article about Tommy Cha and Absolute Opulence. You may click here to read the second article on what suits to wear.

Lastly, you can visit Absolute Opulence, a one-stop gallery to satisfy all your sartorial needs. It is the sole distributor of premium Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, and also sells other premium clothing accessories.

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