Differing From The Norm: A Photo Booth Service

Only three more weeks to go before Christmas but the Christmas mood had yet to set in for me. However, my Aunt Amanda had decided to host an early Christmas party to celebrate the occasion with her friends and family. Feeling put out at my ruined Saturday night that I could have spent researching for my assignment on a photo booth, I dragged my feet in annoyance as we headed to her house. My mood took a turn for the worst as one glance at the crowd showed that I was the only kid there.

Is this what comes to our minds the moment somebody mentions “photo booth”? Well, fortunately this photo booth is a more fun version than that last minute, automated-mugshot-machine that we need for our passports or other official documents.
Image by Pixabay – Michael Gaida

Chance Encounter With A Photo Booth

Upon entering the house and greeting my aunt, I immediately plonked myself down at a nearby stool and surveyed the area. My eyes landed on an unfamiliar setup of some camera and studio equipment opposite a Christmas-themed background located in one corner. Something niggled in my mind but I just couldn’t seem to place what it was and where I had seen it before. I decided to ask my aunt the next time she was free.

Moments later, I managed to catch my Aunt Amanda and ask her what the setup was. In answer to my question, she replied that it was a photo booth! I felt like jumping in the air and hollering a “Finally!” at her answer. It all made sense now. The reason why it had seemed so familiar was because the topic of my newest assignment was about photo booths. My task was to interview someone who worked for a photo booth business. I had had no idea how I was going to do that when I first learned of my assignment topic. However, luck was on my side!

Christmas-theme photo booth at Aunt Amanda's party
A picture of my Aunt Amanda’s friends taken at the photo booth at the Christmas party.

Without hesitation, I requested for the contact number of the photo booth service she had engaged for her party. I felt like a little kid who had just received her birthday presents; I could not contain my delight at this chance encounter. Soon, I had a date fixed for us to conduct the interview.

A Realisation One Should Not Miss

On the scheduled day, as the interview progressed, I soon came to realise something. This photo booth service my aunt had engaged was very much different from the usual photo booths out there. For those wishing to hire a photo booth, and a unique and highly beneficial one at that, this is for you!

Comparison Between Standard Photo Booths And The Photo Booth Service My Aunt Engaged

From the outside, this photo booth service called “Brilliant Moment” seems exactly the same as any normal photo booths out there. On the contrary, there are many things that this photo booth does that greatly differs from the norm.

1. Adjustable Camera Height

One of these is that the camera height is adjustable. Typically, standard photo booths use cameras fixed at a standard height. This makes it difficult for people who are not at that height to adjust to. However, instead of those usual cameras, Brilliant Moment uses a manual camera all by itself. You can adjust the camera height to suit the subject’s height when taking the photos. For example, you can lower it when shooting a child, and raising it for a teenager or an adult. This would surely be a welcome relief to people who have always had trouble at typical photo booths.

The height of the camera is adjusted lower for better children shots.
The camera is adjusted to take a picture of a child and her mother.

2. You Can Take The Photos Over And Over Again

Brilliant Moment grants customers permission to retake their photos over and over again. This is a result of using a manual camera, as used by them. For social media stars and the like, this can come as a piece of good news to them! You don’t have to worry if the photos don’t turn out right. If you’re not happy with the result, just shoot again. This is especially so since most other photo booths only allow for one chance to get a nice photo. If one is not ready and the machine snaps the photo then, the photo would come out blurry and ugly. However, one does not need to fear any longer! One would definitely be able to get the right photos of yourself now, with this new service provided.

3. Photos Are Available In Both Soft And Hard Copies

Another major difference is that customers can obtain both soft copy and hard copy versions of the picture taken. Most photo booths provide the hard copy only. Brilliant Moment provides both hard and soft copies of your precious photos. The customers can then use the soft copy to send to their friends and loved ones. They can then also keep the hard copy version as a keepsake in an album or mounted in a frame.

In addition, Brilliant Moment offers a special service where they can help post your soft copy on any social media platforms to your liking. Furthermore, in terms of the hard copy photos, customers can choose what size they want them to be in, be it 2R or 4R. They can even opt to enlarge them to their preferred size.

Unique Services Offered By Brilliant Moment

However, it doesn’t just stop there! Along with their picture-taking services, Brilliant Moment offer services where they can print any pictures taken at the event, for you. For example, if one takes some pictures using their phone and wants to print them on the spot, they can print them to your preferred size for you without problem. Just send them the photos and hey presto, they’ll print it out for you in no time.

Besides that, another service they offer is providing props. These props are provided to go with the theme and background selected for the photo booth at the particular event. If one chooses a jungle theme and background for the photo booth itself, props relating to this can be provided. These props are for the usage of the customers while taking photos. They can help spice up your photo to make them look even better. These props are all handmade with love for your usage so use them wisely. After all, they may come in handy in any future events even years down the road.

A picture of some customers making use of the props provided at the photo booth.
Customers using the props provided at the photo booth.

The Person Behind The Unique Photo Booth

The founder of Brilliant Moment, Karen Kuan, believes in providing customised service to the customers’ satisfaction. In her opinion, photo booths are one of the best places for people to have fun with others. She says, and I quote, “People usually just go to photo booths to have their pictures taken and that’s it. Their mentality is such that they do not loosen up and have fun there. Therefore, the pictures turn out too stiff and formal. It is because of that that I want to make people loosen up and have fun at my photo booth. That is why I prefer doing everything manually rather than just letting the usual photo booth cameras do its job. They lack the human touch that I want my service to provide.”

The Reason Behind It All

As a mother of two boys with hardly any free time to spare, Karen still strives to maintain the quality of her service in order to satisfy her customers’ needs. Normal people would not usually take the trouble to provide all these extremely unique and never-seen-or-heard-before services.

“I want to capture photos that can act as beautiful and long-lasting souvenirs for my customers.”


Henceforth, she provides all these unique services to the satisfaction of her customers. After all, just as Karen herself has found joy through capturing photos of her family, she too wants to provide services that allow others to relive fond memories when they view the photos captured.

A hard copy version of a photo taken at a photo booth that can be kept as a souvenir.
The photos taken at a photo booth can be kept as souvenirs by the customers.

What are you waiting for? If you are in need of a photo booth for an upcoming event, contact Karen via her telephone number +60 12-277 3732.

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