Music Learning Myths That Every Beginner Should Know

When it comes to learning music, there are many rumours and myths that a newbie might come across. Many have some truth to them, but the rest can be classified as urban legends. Myths perpetuated by a system to gate-keep the community. However, you shouldn’t fall for that. Don’t let the myths listed below dishearten you from a career in music.

Music learning
Beginning to learn music can be daunting, but rewarding as well. Here’s Sheikh Faizal in his element.
Picture credit: Sheikh Faizal

Myth #1: “You Need A Multi-Year Degree To Learn Music!”

One of the most common myths perpetuated in the music industry is that only a degree can get you a career in music. This is blatantly untrue, as many musicians can attest to. No one needs a multi-year degree or diploma to be competent as a musician. A bit of hard work and practice can have you learn an instrument in only a few months. Above all, becoming a musician requires skill, not degrees.

Learning music, guitar
No degree, or talent is required; just hard work and determination.
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Myth #2: “You Need Talent To Learn!”

As a result of social conditioning, many believe that a person cannot become a musician without talent. However, this is simply not true. Talent is simply a term invented to describe an individual of extraordinary skill. Yet, talent is simply the manifestation of years of hard work. At the end of the day, if you work hard enough, you can learn anything. The same applies to this scenario as well.

Myth #3: “You Can’t Learn If You’re An Adult!”

There is no age limit for learning. There is just far too much knowledge in the world to be able to learn it all before you turn 18. It is only natural for you to not be able to learn music in your younger years. Maybe you were busy studying or learning other skills in your adolescence. Because of being busy with other projects, you might not have had the time necessary to invest in music. Some will say that you need to start learning at a young age. Although not entirely false, as starting young will undoubtedly give you an edge, it does not mean you can’t learn music in your twenties, thirties or even forties. Many learn music in their adulthood, and many even start music as a career afterwards.

Learning music.
Age is not a barrier to learning music.
Photo credit: Valeria Rodrigues

Myth #4: “You Don’t Need A Teacher To Learn Music!”

Many things in life can be self-taught. This is the age of YouTube, and it seems as if everyone that can play the guitar has a channel to teach music. However, music is an art-form and requires a teacher. Without one, you may fail to grasp the lessons properly. Self-taught musicians may also end up enabling bad habits they pick up by not having a mentor, and in turn, make learning advanced techniques harder for themselves. A teacher can help correct your posture and mistakes, and make your learning experience more enjoyable.

Myth #5: “You Can’t Learn Music Without Learning Classical!”

One of the oldest myths in the industry is also one of the most persistent ones. Without knowledge of Classical schools of music, many snobs of the industry may look down upon you. That does not mean you can’t learn the art without dabbling in its classical form. Some musicians learn it and have benefited from the knowledge. Many more, especially in the modern era, have not learned Classical, and it has not hurt their composition, tone or rhythm in any way.

However, this does not mean that we are encouraging you to not learn classical music. It is one of the most influential genres, and certainly deserves much of the respect it gets from many musicians and fans around the world. There is a good chance that you are a fan of such music. In that case, play and practise classical to your heart’s content. You can’t go wrong when you’re following your heart.

Classical music
Classical music may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we are discouraging you from practising it if it brings you joy.
Picture credit: Needpix

Where To Learn Music

Has this article inspired you to finally start learning music? You can try Sheikh Faizal, a reliable instructor of the art, and finally, achieve a lifelong goal that you might not have gotten around to before now. Faizal is a veteran in the industry, and has been making music at the top-most level for more than 20 years. He is the sound engineer and producer for Studio 24, as well as an extremely competent teacher who can get you playing instruments like it’s second nature. Best of all, he helps you to achieve all that in only a few months! Your age doesn’t matter, and you won’t need God-given talent to learn this quickly either. Click the link above to join his classes. You can also call him at +6012 3070 995 to join.

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