The Prudent Smile – Making A Wise Choice

We’ve been on the receiving end of unethical business practice at some point in our lives. Try as we may, there is just no way to completely dodge this bullet. As long as there is profit, greed will always be around the corner. Does this mean that we’ve lost all hope as consumers? The answer to this question is relatively simple. You see, with knowledge comes power, and with power comes an astute decision-making skill. When it comes to our dental care, we must avoid making regrettable mistakes. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge to make the right choice. Here are the must-know facts before signing on the dotted lines for your choice of dental aligners treatment.

The choice between yes and no by a lady holding two option balls.
As consumers, we are always at war with ourselves with regards to the best choice. How do you decide?
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Choice Of Dental Aligners – Must-Know Facts

1. Background Check

Before falling prey to incredulous online offers, especially those with unbelievable discounts, do your research! It is best to seek advice from credible sources. And if you must, speak to your dentist for further clarification. If it is too good to be true, chances are, you are probably heading the wrong way. Don’t be afraid to throw questions to the dental companies regarding any discrepancies. Make sure that your trusted dentist validates and verifies all the answers. Also, draw up comparisons between other companies and list down all pros and cons before signing on.

The Yes and No Checklist.
Do your research and perform a background check on all dental companies’ aligners before signing on.
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2. The Dentist’s Advocate

Inevitably, your dentist will play a huge role in ensuring the success of your treatment. You wouldn’t trust a health care professional until you have seen them in person, would you? Knowing the faces behind your treatment is absolutely important! As a knowledgeable consumer, ensure that only certified dental practitioners handle your dental treatment. So if you stumble on a website with claims of orthodontist monitoring your treatment plan, verify. Make sure you know who they are. Remember, only registered dental clinics and dentists should supervise your treatment.

3. All About The Consent

We have all been guilty of skipping on the fine print at one point or another. We’ve even fallen for bargains that are too good to be true. Of course, online marketing gimmicks are enticing. But as consumers, it’s our responsibility to scrutinise all details before jumping on the bandwagon. It’s true that our consent as well as the terms and conditions are legally binding. And by design, it’s almost impossible to go through all the points in detail. But as consumers, we must be aware of our contractual obligations. Pay close attention to the potential risks, product description and agreed pricing, especially if there are provisions for additional charges. This sounds old fashion, but always double check and triple check all the details of the treatment before signing anything.

The choice between Yin - Yang.
The choice is entirely up to us. Know the Yin-Yang of every decision and make an informed choice.
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4. Impressions

Basically dental impressions are 3D recreation of patient’s dental profile to aid treatment planning. Are you confident that your pictures are sufficient to create good dental impressions? If not, then leave it to the certified professionals to handle that responsibility. There’s no doubt that starter kits and DIY impressions are convenient. But nothing beats a one-on-one physical examination by a dentist to get the right impressions.

5. Monitor Every Step!

How convenient does it sound when consumers only need to upload images of their dental progress? Then couple that with 24/7 on-demand monitoring, and infrequent clinic visits. There is no hassle of making appointments or braving the traffic to get to the clinic. Everything is just about right, but herein lies the paradox; how is it possible for round the clock monitoring without seeing the dentist in person? While it may seem convenient at first, improper and inconsistent follow-ups often lead to a wide range of dental complications. Even a simple case can take a dire turn for the worse if monitored without proper advice or guidance. So as consumers, do ensure that your treatment plan includes a thorough dental assessment and tangible follow-ups. Remember, it is also the responsibility of the dentists to see through every treatment plan right until the end!

Your choice, Uncle Sam.
Make sure every step is being monitored by a certified dentist as it is their responsibility to do so.
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6. Attractive Packages

“Hurry, hurry! Special discounts for limited time only!” Aren’t we all too familiar with this scenario. Indeed, it’s hard to resist the enticement of attractive price tags and discounts. Even more so when it comes with startling promises and reassurances. With aligners, one has to be extra careful with claims of low package price. Even more so if they throw in free 3D previews of your customised smile, before committing. Why? Well, what happens once you commit and things go awry? It’s almost impossible to predict accurately every individual outcome of every treatment. Henceforth, do allow due consideration in every situation. Don’t be afraid to question the company if they don’t clearly state the choices of treatment, and their prices.

7. Choice Of Consistency

When signing on for your treatment plan, your dentist will actually play a more important role than you think. Be consistent with your follow-ups, and have the same dentist monitor your progress. This is crucial for the success of your treatment. Establish a good relationship with your dentist and engage in discussions about your treatment goals. Different dentists monitoring your situation online will inevitably offer differing, and sometimes conflicting opinions. Therefore you’ll risk the same inconsistency in your treatment outcome too.

Your choice of dentist in blue scrubs.
Your dentists are key figures in treatment planning, so be sure it is the same attending dentist every single time.
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The Choice Of Being Prudent!

If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. This somewhat unscrupulous practice is pretty common in the marketing world. Many will argue that cheap isn’t necessarily bad. But when it comes to healthcare, why take the risk? It is never easy to detect every deception, what more with many competing dental companies offering similar deals. Indeed, it becomes more confusing but the silver lining is that an informed choice is a safety net. Having the foreknowledge and foresight of your rights as consumers certainly goes a long way.

Remember that at the end of the day, the dental companies are not responsible for your treatment plan. It’s the dental practitioners who are ultimately responsible. After all, isn’t a beautiful smile worth being prudent for?

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