Refurbished Laptops: Are They Reliable?

I had to replace my laptop recently. So I looked for one in downtown Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital city. I found a shop where I thought that gave me a good bargain on refurbished laptops. The laptop only cost MYR320. It was a refurbished laptop that came with a seven-day warranty. After I did some basic checking to make sure all the hardware are functioning well, I bought it. Ten days later it malfunctioned. It just simply died on me. It wouldn’t start at all. This got me thinking… Where can I find a reliable place to get good quality refurbished laptops? Other consumers may have had the same encounter like mine. And it’s little wonder why they are generally reluctant to buy refurbished laptops. It is not a safe choice because you risk getting a low quality hardware that would fail within days. Or weeks, if you’re lucky.

malfunctioning laptop
You might as well get this laptop for free rather than wasting money for a malfunctioning one.
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Refurbished Laptops Or Brand New Ones?

What’s all the fuss about refurbished laptops? And why would you bother to get one instead of a second hand unit? Wouldn’t it be much easier in getting a brand new laptop? Well, for starters, refurbished laptops are cheaper than brand new ones. Refurbished laptops are often fully functioning laptops at a fraction of the price that that you would spend if you get a brand new one. 

What is the difference between a refurbished laptop and second hand laptop? Refurbished laptops are different from second hand laptops in the sense that second hand laptops are sold as-is without any checking done to make sure that it is still functioning. A refurbished laptop, on the other hand, is subject to inspections before the merchant sells it to the consumer.

If you’re looking for a basic laptop to do some paperwork, web browsing and the occasional online movie viewing, a refurbished laptop is a cheaper option, as long as you get one from a reputable merchant.

A reliable refurbished laptop merchant would check the condition of the laptop to ensure it is functioning well before it is sold. They would check the motherboard, screen, keyboard and all other inner-workings for defects, and would repair, or even replace any faulty parts, where necessary. Therefore, choosing a reliable merchant to buy a refurbished laptop must be on your top priority list.

My Search For Reliable Services

My search led me to APR Electronic Services (APR Electronic) and I had the privilege to meet its Chief Operating Officer, Mr Danny Ng. To debunk my misconception about refurbished laptops, Danny and the staff gave me a tour around the APR premises where they have separate rooms for repairing laptops, spare parts and also storage for irreparable laptops and PCs before selling them off for scrap metal.

refurbished laptops repair
This is the temporary holding area for laptops pending repairs. Common brands include Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer and Toshiba.

Laptops sent for repair would be processed according to the severity of the damage. Danny mentioned to me that they send their on-site technicians for training in Sweden and China. It is important to have qualified technicians doing your laptop repairs to ensure that you will receive a fully functional laptop once you get it back. If you are looking to repair your laptop, make sure the merchant that you’re sending it to has well-trained and well-qualified technicians.

refurbished laptops
APR Electronic technician is testing to see whether all the laptop components are functioning well.

Technicians test the refurbished laptops before selling them. This is to make sure that they function well. Additionally, the products also include six months warranty. In other words, after sales warranty is one important thing that consumers should look for when choosing a merchant to buy refurbished laptops. If anything goes wrong during the warranty period, you can send them back for free repairs.

The One-Stop Solution For Refurbished Laptops

APR Electronic's founder, Danny Ng and his staff team
The founder of APR Electronic Services, Danny Ng (standing, sixth from the right) with his amazing team, who makes sure that all your IT needs are met.

APR Electronic started out 20 years ago. It sells affordable brand new or refurbished laptops, personal computers and smartphones. It provides repair services as well.

The story behind Danny’s inspiration to build his business is rather touching. A father came over to the APR Electronic’s booth during a trade show in Terengganu. He wanted to buy a refurbished laptop for his daughter. She was going to college. This would cost a lot since the laptop price during that time, in the early 2000s, was around MYR4,000 to MYR5,000.

The father took out the money from the red plastic bag in his pocket and counted them carefully before paying. This money was his entire life savings. This heart-wrenching encounter moved Danny to be more determined to sell affordable refurbished laptops, PCs and smartphones, as well as create a facility that can professionally repair and refurbish them.

Would You Ask For Anything Less For Refurbished Laptops?

APR Electronic has since became one of the largest collectors of PC and laptop parts in Malaysia. In fact, it also has branches in Penang, Johor Bahru as well as across the border in Thailand.

APR Electronic is located at No. 6, Jalan PJU3/40, Sunway Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. You can call them at +603 7885 0805. Check out their Facebook page too. Looking for affordable and reliable refurbished laptops? If so, pay APR Electronic a visit today.

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  2. I have purchased their refurbished laptop for my company. Excellent service! Over the years, we have purchased more than 30 units from them. There are hick-ups here and there, but their customer service have always been pleasant and professional in handling our request(s).

    A strongly recommended supplier !

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