5 Ways Chinese New Year Brings Family And Friends Together

What’s not to like about homecoming for Chinese New Year celebration? Generational gaps and long-distance relationships are irrelevant as family members from various places return to their hometowns for the Spring Festival.

Chinese lanterns
The Chinese Lantern Festival is a part of the Chinese New Year celebration. It falls on the 15th day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar.
Source: Image by wiroj from Pixabay

In Malaysia, Chinese New Year is one of the country’s biggest holidays. The seasonal Mandarin catchphrase is Gong Xi Fa Chai and its Cantonese version is Gong Hey Fat Choy, which means ‘wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.’

The festival wouldn’t be complete without rich traditions that still retain their significance since the olden days. No matter how different the nature of these traditions is from one another, they all share the spirit of togetherness that breathes life to the Chinese New Year celebration.

Let’s jump right in, shall we? Here are five ways to spend more quality time with your family and friends that resonate with the festive spirit of Chinese New Year:

1. Cleaning Up

You wouldn’t risk your parents with back pain when they’re scrubbing the floor, would you?

Just make sure you don’t break your back when you put your back into it!
Source: Image by stevepb from Pixabay

Spring cleaning before Chinese New Year is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to shoulder the burden of housekeeping together. In Chinese, ‘Dust’ is a homophone for the word Chen, meaning the old.

Therefore, year-end cleaning is necessary to drive old things or bad luck away from the house and get ready for a new beginning.

2. Shopping

If you’ve been looking for a perfect excuse to splurge on a new dress or shirt, then there’s no better time than the festive season! In fact, there’s no reason not to dress to impress from head to toe, especially in red.

Red cheongsam
Red is also the colour worn by brides since it is believed to be an auspicious colour for warding off evil.
Source: Image by choubbeer from Pixabay

Red, as you might have known, is the official colour of Chinese New Year. This colour symbolises happiness, passion, and luck, which is why so many people wear it during the celebrations.

Generally, it’s the duty of the middle generation of a family to buy new clothes for all family members. Although some adults don’t follow this custom any more, every child wears brand new clothes on Chinese New Year.

Besides upgrading your wardrobe with new outfits, any festive shopping list wouldn’t be complete without the ingredients for a hearty reunion meal. There is a saying that goes ‘nothing brings people together like good food’, but why stop there?

Spend more time with your parents by lending a hand in crossing out the ingredients in the shopping list and preparing the reunion dishes with them!

3. Setting Off Firecrackers

Honour your heritage by warding off misfortune and the evil monster nián by setting off firecrackers! Interestingly, nián, the name of the monster is also the word for ‘year’ in Chinese.

Besides for the sake of traditions, it’s the only time of the year where temporary noise pollution is tolerated. Let’s be honest, Chinese New Year wouldn’t be the same without the rapid pops of gunpowder-packed rolled red paper strings.

So gather your family and enjoy the sparks of firecrackers and fireworks that paint the night sky. Such a fantastic way to usher in the new year in the presence of those that matter to you, isn’t it?

4. Chowing Down To Your Heart’s Content

In Chinese, ‘fish’ sounds like ‘surplus’. Glutinous rice cake (nian gao) sounds like “getting higher this year”. Longevity noodles symbolise a wish for longevity.

On another note, is it normal to feel hungry when you keep on talking about food? Obviously, reunion dinner is one of my favourite part of the Chinese New Year celebration!

Of course, no Chinese New Year reunion dinner is complete without Yee Sang tossing.
Source: Video by House Of Annie from YouTube

A variety of dishes coupled with boisterous chatters and unending revelry over the dining table have become a signature of the festive season. One can say that the Chinese New Year reunion dinner is the only time of the year when family members across generations can sit together to bond over good food.

5. Showing Appreciation By Giving Chinese New Year Gifts To Relatives And Friends

Chinese New Year is a perfect time to rekindle relationships and friendships. Therefore, the custom of visiting family members and friends is pretty much a traditional practice during the festive season.

But wait – there’s more!

Did you know that it’s impolite to visit someone without bringing them a gift? This fact is even more pressing when you’re visiting elderly family members and your office superiors.

The choice of gift is crucial since every little detail of the celebration brings a sense of good fortune. Gifts to avoid include watches, sandals, pears, umbrellas, mirrors, and items that are white or black. Items that total up to four should also be avoided since the number four is shunned upon in Chinese culture. 

Committing a faux pas in exchange of Chinese New Year tokens is a taboo. This is especially true among the younger generations who may not be aware of the dos and don’ts in gift-giving. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a selection of pre-packaged gifts that aren’t only impressive, but are in tune with the festive spirit?

Who Wouldn’t Want Good Fortune, Double Prosperity, And Longevity All Year Round?

Fortunately, M&S Station, a gifts and premium outlet in Setapak Central, Kuala Lumpur, is offering three Chinese New Year gift boxes just for the occasion!

These gift boxes will score you brownie points among your family members and colleagues while saving yourself the troubles of sourcing a perfect ‘huat‘ (prosperity in Chinese) gift.

Good Fortune Gift Box

M&S Station Chinese New Year Gift Box 1
It’s like a gift from the God of Fortune himself!
  • Australian braised abalone in brown sauce x1 can
  • King longan syrup x1 can
  • Mandarin oranges x2 pcs
  • Gift box x1
  • CNY decoration x1

Fun Fact: Widely looked upon as a lucky charm, abalone is called ‘baoyu‘ in Mandarin, which roughly means ‘guaranteed abundance’.

RRP: MYR109.90

Promotion price: MYR99.90

Double Prosperity Gift Box

M&S Station Chinese New Year Gift Box 2
Double the prosperity, double the ‘huat’!
  • Australian braised abalone in brown sauce x1 can
  • Dried snow clams x1 box
  • King longan syrup x1 can
  • Mandarin oranges x2 pcs
  • Gift box x1
  • CNY decoration x1

RRP: MYR149.90

Promotion price: MYR128.80

Longevity Gift Box

M&S Station Chinese New Year Gift Box 3
Bird’s nest nutritional properties are a part of longevity.
  • 50g of natural premium-grade bird’s nest x1 box
  • Bird’s nest beverage 70ml x 2 bottles
  • Gift box x1
  • CNY decoration x1

Fun Fact: Bird’s nest is believed to have many health benefits, such as boosting a weak immune system, speeding up recovery from illnesses, relieving asthma, improving digestion, aiding bowel movement, and so on. Unsurprisingly, offering bird’s nest as a gift is akin to wishing good health upon the receiver.

RRP: MYR609.90

Promotion price: MYR559.90

These Chinese New Year gift boxes are available at M&S Station. They’re selling them at discounted prices for a limited time, so you better snap them up while stocks last!

And that’s not all. If you purchase two gift boxes in a single receipt, M&S Station will reward you with a free lunar calendar. All the more reason for you to shop from them!

lucky calendar
Track your 365 days of fortune with this free gift.

So what’s stopping you from getting your hands on convenient solutions for Chinese New Year gifts?

Include M&S Station as a part of your shopping journey for the preparation of the festive season. M&S Station is located at SK-11, 2nd Floor, Setapak Central Mall, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. You can reach out to them at +6012 213 9654 for any enquiries.

If you’re wondering what other goodies does M&S Station have in store, I recommend you to read Christmas Celebration With Family, Friends And Great Music. You’ll love this if music is a big part of your life!

M&S Station CNY wish

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