Pisang Goreng: Nostalgic Flavours Revisited

It never gets old. There’s just something sentimental, and magical, about the nostalgic flavours of pisang goreng. These morsels of crispy delights, lovingly dipped in batter, and deep fried. Sometimes twice. Perhaps it’s the heady aroma of caramelised bananas. The sheer bliss of endless summer memories. Consequently making you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe we’re just predisposed to be lured by sweet and greasy temptations. While millennials are dictating what new concoction floods our social feeds, our love for the humble pisang goreng remains.

Pisang goreng laid out on a grill to let   hot oil drip back into the wok
A roadside stall selling fried on-the-spot banana fritters can be a real life traffic-stopper.
Image by Wan Jaapar on Unsplash

“Yes, We Have Fried Bananas” – The Sweet Nostalgia Of Banana Business

To begin with, it’s easy to see the appeal. The high-energy sugar rush makes them ever-present in our social and economic development. For instance, it has even made an impact on the way we speak. When business is booming and “selling like hot cakes”, we’d typically say it’s flying off the rack like “hot pisang goreng on a rainy day”. Clearly, you know Malaysians love their food when it becomes an idiom.

Pisang goreng on a plate serving the nostalgic flavours that we all seek
The thought of sinking your teeth into the crust, exposing the soft and chewy inside, makes them pretty hard to resist.
Image by Charles Haynes on Flickr

Certainly a crowd-pleaser among busy office workers and hungry school children, pisang goreng used to be available at every corner. At a dime a dozen, unquestionably, it’s a taste of nostalgia in less trying times.

Pisang goreng as perfect accompaniment of nostalgic flavours for father and son bonding
Finding comfort in foods we crave. A young boy is all smiles with his plate of fried-to-perfection pisang goreng treat.
Image by Nurul Balqis on Flickr

Giving A New Twist On Nostalgic Flavours Of Pisang Goreng

Without a doubt, millennials are shaping how and what we eat. If you’ve seen any improvements in our food choices lately, thank the millennials. In particular to them, it’s not just a social thing. It brings joy with no regrets about spending on food that could have easily been whipped up at home. It’s especially about the experience and form of expression. About being more health conscious without skimping on indulgence. Most importantly, it’s about convenience.

Millennial woman enjoying the experience of eating
As the biggest tastemakers in the food industry, millennials play a key role in determining what’s on our menu today, and tomorrow.
Image by Pablo Merchan Montes on Unsplash

All You Need Is (Pisang Goreng) Love, But Some Chocolate & Cheese Don’t Hurt

A start-up currently making waves, Smackeylicious, takes into consideration millennials’ taste for flavour adventures. Their idea of comfort food elevates the pisang goreng to another level of culinary stardom. Specifically, through a marriage of savoury and sweet in a lip-smacking treat everyone can’t resist.

Pisang goreng presented on a boat-shaped container for a twist on nostalgic flavours
A Smackeylicious take on nostalgic flavours taps into the comfort of happy childhood memories while bringing some pretty impressive health benefits to the table.
Picture Credits: Raja Fadzli

Even though a combo not new to foodies, Smackeylicious brings back the much sought-after nostalgia with a more upscale, premium flavour. Each pisang goreng is laced with fine Belgian milk chocolate, followed by a few rounds of dark and white. Then freshly grated Cheddar cheese and lashings of luscious caramel completes this amalgamation of sweet surrender.

Accelerating The Pisang Goreng Bandwagon

Moving forward with convenience in mind, getting your hands on some Smackeylicious is a piece of cake. Aside the traditional cash-based transactions, customers are able to pay for their pisang goreng with Maybank QRPAY as well as using Touch N Go eWallet. However, their soon-to-open branch at International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur will be a totally cash-free establishment.

e-kiosk on International Islamic University of Malaysia campus grounds
Smackeylicious e-kiosk on International Islamic University of Malaysia campus grounds continues to ride on the cashless wave by going cash-free for their day-to-day operations.
Picture Credits: Raja Fadzli

They hope to keep lines short and customers feeling sweet through their easy payment method. Efficiently, it makes for a seamless snacking experience and lets the queues zip by. In other words, we don’t have to wait in line watching people in front count their coins. Yes, even if we’re that close to getting the much-needed energy boost.

Millennial Treats Meet Flavours Of Nostalgia

Who would’ve guessed, that two wildly different tastes could come together as nostalgic flavours of sublime delight? This combination of piquant and decadent takes the banana business off the streets right to your doorsteps. Serving walk-ins from its station at a restaurant in Gombak, Smackeylicious also caters for corporate functions and events.

Crowds gathering around big boxes of sweet nostalgic treats
When worlds collide. A collaboration of new flavours that keeps everyone coming back for more.
Picture Credits: Raja Fadzli

On track with millennials’ taste for healthy eats, Smackeylicious offers customisation for portions. Moreover, you can choose your preferred toppings so you can decide on how guilt-free you want your indulgence to be. Just when you thought that there is no graceful way to eat a pisang goreng

Big box of pisang goreng topped with Cheddar cheese, Belgian milk chocolate, dark chocolate , white chocolate & caramel
Fluffy pillows of Cheddar strewn over blankets of fine Belgian chocolate over a bed of pisang goreng makes for a dreamy sight.
Picture Credits: Raja Fadzli

Everything In Its Right Places

Available in sizes ranging from Small Box (7pcs) to Big Box (36pcs), Smackeylicious is a scrumptious way to give this tantalising combo a go. Whether you’re hosting, gifting, or take snacking pretty seriously. Why not take your taste buds (or best buds) on an unforgettable journey down memory lane. After all, flavours that roll together, stay together. Besides, what’s better than a surprise gift of gooey banana goodness? Without the hassle or waiting in the rain?

Pisang goreng Belgium chocolate pricing
The best gifts are edible. Anything made with premium ingredients just seals the deal.
Picture Credits: Raja Fadzli

Smackeylicious is located at Restoran Haji Imran or also known as Shareezma in Taman Sri Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. Do take the opportunity to ‘like’ Smackeylicious Facebook or ‘follow’ Smackeylicious Instagram so that you can be in the loop with ongoing promotions. Contact Smackeylicious or call +6013 380 8003 for your future snacking pleasure and discover a new twist on nostalgic flavours with convenience.

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