The Aesthetic Generation – Why Is Smiling Important?

Before the advent of social media, we only know of celebrities and politicians setting societal trends. But as we advance into year 2020, we now have a new generation creating waves. Introducing Generation Z whose influence in the digital world is becoming increasingly pronounced. They are ‘influencers’ in the way people behave and relate to brands. So how does aesthetic appeal like our smile fit into this trend? And how does it shape the person we become?

Generation with an aesthetic smile.
Introducing Generation Z who has a pronounced role in the way brand relates to people.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Are Aesthetic Generation Vainpots?

You are never fully dressed without a smile.

Annie, broadway musical 1982

Are we becoming a generation with an aesthetic predilection? While there is no shame in honing a sizeable measure of vanity, social media is certainly doubling it. How we look and portray to others have become so important that something as simple as a smile can affect our self-esteem. So is vanity a good thing or a bad thing? What is the role of our smile in boosting confidence?

Let’s face it, social acceptance is an innate human characteristic. We become disheartened when rejected and our confidence deflates with lack of acceptance. In the world of social media, imagine posting your best photos just to count the number of likes and comments. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? We have all been there and needless to say one of the first things that people notice is our smile.

It is hard to believe that sometimes all it takes is a genial curve on the face to express unconditional acceptance for each other. Certainly, a beautiful smile is one of the most attractive feature in a person but more importantly, it is a mark of cordiality. So if wearing a gorgeous smile that lights up the room and boosts self-esteem a mark of vanity, then it surely isn’t a bad thing, as long as it is in moderation.

woman taking a selfie. A mark of aestheticism or vanity?
Are we becoming a generation with aesthetic predilection? You decide on the definition of vanity.
Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

Facial Aesthetic With The Perfect Smile

Have you ever looked in the mirror, examining each line on your face only to wish it away? The aging process is inevitable and while we invest money on countless beauty products, sometimes the most simple solution is to smile more.

Some will say it takes lesser muscles to smile than to frown. Whether this is true, it certainly does take less effort to smile aside from improving facial aesthetics. How exactly do you get that youthful skin by just smiling? Although smiling alone will not confer radiant facial skin, studies have shown that a good smile can reduce wrinkles and laxity of the skin. Again, how does dental aligners tie into this equation?

A recently published journal highlighted the benefits of dental aligners in improving orthodontic movements without compromising our smile. It is amazing how aligners can help level and aligning facial arches that we take for granted. “So what?” you might ask. Well, while most of us think facial arches are inborn, an improved dental alignment can improve facial harmony. Think of it like a domino effect, when our teeth position is aligned, so does our bone bases and muscle functions leading to better facial aesthetics. So if you want to look younger, just remember to smile more.

The aesthetic generation with tape over smile.
Imagine a world without smile. Do you see how it plays a role in facial aesthetics?
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

How Does A Smile Make You Happy?

“I can show you an image for just 10 milliseconds and you can tell me it’s a smile. It does not work with any other expression.”

Aleix Martinez, electrical and computer engineer, ohio state university
Source: bbc future by neil steinberg

We all know that smiling makes us feel good and it has something to do with endorphins but how exactly does our brain translate this curve into one of joy? Our brain is wired with neurotransmitters that send signals to every part of our body, so when we smile the ‘feel-good’ neuropeptides are released i.e. endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. In turn, it lowers your heart rate, improves your blood pressure and relaxes your body.

Psychologically, smiling simply exudes a positive vibe. Have you noticed how you become the life of the party by smiling and people, generally, tend to be comfortable around you. Your smile becomes your mood lifter, because of the serotonin component that is also found in pharmaceutical anti-depressants. Also, you become more attractive when you smile which then activates your sensory reward processes. This means you actually feel rewarded just by seeing someone smile.

The aesthetic smile on the yellow ball.
Of all the facial expressions, smiling has the most health and psychological benefits.
Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

Branding A Smile

Diving into the digital era, it is without a doubt that Generation Z is the next consumer powerhouse when it comes to branding. Everything right down to our smile is related to it. What we see in the media becomes a projection of what is ideal for us which then represents our identity and values. So how can something innate like a smile influence branding?

If branding can be simplified, it is in essence, a symbol that is so unique to a product that it sets it apart from others. So if a brand like Starbucks is synonymous with coffee, then what about our smile? While there are many dental brands out there, the bottom line is, the final say goes to the consumer powerhouse. The same goes for dental aligners, if it fails to be relatable to the masses, then the brand will be obsolete. This is where social media comes to play. For Generation Z, it is all about that post that is so unique yet in sync with their story. Everyone wants the perfect smile and while there are tonnes of social media ads on it, the defining points will be affordability, relatability and quality. If it doesn’t have this magic formula, the potion just won’t work.

Clearsmile aligner kit.
A familiar brand? One of the up and coming dental aligner brands that is redefining affordability, quality and relatability.
Source: ClearSmile FB page

Smiling Through A New Year

Whether 2019 has been a good or bad year, as we stepped into the new year, it helps to keep a smile on as often as we can. While the aesthetic appeal of a smile is tied to human vanity, its health benefits are undeniable. From facial aesthetic to just uplifting moods, a smile can truly make one’s day. Plus, wouldn’t you like to be greeted by a pleasant countenance rather than a sombre one? So, if you have been putting off correcting your misaligned teeth, now is the time to do it! And remember, smile, it’s free therapy.

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