Looking For A Date Idea? (That Cost Little Or Nothing At All)

Dinner, drinks and a two-hour movie. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that this is a foolproof date idea. Because, why not? It’s easy to plan them. Plus, couples in different stages of relationship have adopted this formula to take a break from their routine and spend some time with each other. But here’s a question: How many times can you rinse and repeat this formula before its novelty wears off? 

Affordable date ideas
Dating can be a real oasis in a couple’s life.
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The answer? Since I’ve known better now, probably not more than three, or five dates, if you’re lucky! Going through the same cycle will make you feel like you’re just meeting the bare minimum of keeping the relationship alive. After countless dinners and trips to the cinema, you may feel like your relationship is hitting the wall. The temptation to throw in the towel and be resigned to the fact that there’s no magic in the relationship (or worst!) can be daunting. 

Strap In, You’re Gonna Love These Exciting Date Ideas!

But here’s the good news. Keeping the sparks alive is possible. When a couple takes a road less travelled, they’ll bound to discover new things about the world and more importantly, about each other. 

And that’s not all! The best date ideas are personalised experiences – the ones that actually fulfil the passion and interest of a significant other. As an added bonus, nailing a personalised date will keep you in your partner’s good books. It shows that you’ve been listening when your partner mentions what’s important to them. 

If you think a personalised date idea could cost you a tonne, think again! Romantic date ideas don’t necessarily require fine dining and boatloads of cash. Quite the opposite, actually. Here are a few date ideas you can do on a budget and keep the spark – and your savings – alive:

1. Cross The Finishing Line Together In A Virtual Run

This date idea wins on two fronts. Besides a registration fee that is light on the wallet, you both get to run and cross the virtual finishing line at your own pace anytime, anywhere. Which means more flexibility to arrange a workout date with your partner.

Date idea - Virtual run
With a virtual run, you don’t need to deal with traffic and the tiring drive home from a physical running event.
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On top of that, imagine the collection of hung virtual run medals on the wall. A perfect memento of time spent together while getting to reduce your waistline!

2. Be A Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Do you and your partner have a soft spot for four-legged furry beings? If so, then why don’t you give volunteering at an animal shelter a try? This date idea costs nothing, and you’ll get to share your love for each other to deserving cats and dogs. Who knows, you might even adopt a ‘furry family member’ from this personalised dating experience.

3. Camping And BBQ For Two At The Garden

If you haven’t tried camping at your house’s garden, you have no idea what you’re missing! A tent for two shouldn’t set you back a couple of hundreds in Malaysian Ringgit. Don’t have a BBQ grill? Last I checked, a local renting platform is offering exactly that!

Date idea - BBQ
A happy tummy equals a happy date!
Source: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Personally, I can’t imagine anything more romantic than spending the night outdoor with your partner, but still within reach of everything you need in your house! How’s that for a convenient and budget-friendly date?

4. Cooking Competition 

Who’s the better chef in the household? You, or your partner? Well, this calls for a cook-off! There’s nothing sillier and exciting than engaging in a competition with your partner, especially one where you both can savour the outcome together.

Pulling off this date idea is simple. Step one, decide on a dish that you both love. Next, shop for the ingredients. Finally, compete who can cook the better version of the dish in a stipulated timeframe. Either way, everyone wins! You’ll both get to enjoy a meal that is prepared from the heart.

5. Learn To Play A Guitar

This date idea bodes well for couples who have zero to little experience with musical instruments. And you don’t need to spend like a rock star to get started – a basic acoustic guitar or a simple ukulele will do the trick.

Date idea - Learn to play a guitar
There’s a universal attractiveness about a guy who can strum a guitar. The same rule applies to ladies too!
Source: Image by Neildodhia from Pixabay

If you’re not keen on classes, there are plenty of online resources that you can use to guide you and your partner’s musical journey. Observe and listen to each other’s progress – that’s how you bond over music. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, there’s always professional guidance for hire.

6. Play Games At The Arcade

Everyone has a little bit of Peter Pan inside them – a part of them that doesn’t want to grow up. This date idea hinges on the inner child inside of us. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy playing games at the arcade?

Date idea - gaming at the arcade
You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have in an arcade with just a MYR50 note.
Source: Image by Freepik from Freepik

Even a small sum of MYR50 can give you an hour of non-stop gaming action at the local arcade! There’s no better place than to indulge in your childhood memories with your partner, isn’t it? So, is it going to be a tag team in ‘Time Crisis’ or who’s going to cross the finishing line first in ‘Daytona USA’?

7. Tickle The Funny Bones At A Comedy Club

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, a movie date, while it has its merits, is overrated. How about stepping up the standard a bit with a trip to a comedy club? An entrance fee to a comedy club in Kuala Lumpur shouldn’t cost you more than MYR80 per person.

Choose a comedy programme that your partner and you will enjoy, such as improv comedy, dark humour or open mic. If you’re lucky enough, you might catch a once-in-a-lifetime performance from internationally-acclaimed stand-up comedians.

Ante Up With A Finishing Touch On Top Of These Date Ideas

After everything is said and done, what’s next? Do you walk away from the comedy club or wash the dishes after the cooking competition with a sense of contentment?

Surely, you can do better than that – by wrapping up your date with a surprise gift for your partner! Why reach for the sky when you can touch the stars, right?

And don’t worry, the same principle applies for your surprise gift. No-fuss, no big bucks required. Here are a few gift ideas to surprise your partner once you’ve accomplished your date idea:

Gift 1
Wo Ai Ni Balloon and Snacks, MYR168. “Wo Ai Ni” means “I Love You” in Mandarin.
Gift 2
Cinta Hati Jewellery Box, MYR68. “Cinta Hati” means “Sweetheart” in Malay.
Gift 3
Kaadhalikiren Flower Pot, MYR58. “Kaadhalikiren” means “Love” in Tamil.
Gift 4
Sayau Bouquet, MYR88. “Sayau” means “Love” in Iban.
Gift 5
Arud Love Balloon, MYR180. “Arud” means “Darling” in Kadazan.

I think it’s worth remembering to grab one of these super-affordable surprise gifts before you put any one of the date ideas into motion. If anything, your significant other will be impressed by how much thought you put into planning a perfect date, right down to the finishing touch with a surprise gift.

Visit M&S Station at Setapak Central Mall today to get these gifts! Here are the details of their kiosk:

Address: M&S Station, SK-11, 2nd Floor, Setapak Central Mall, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone number: +6012 213 9654

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