Public School Vs Private School Vs Home School (Part 2 Of 2)

Parents have always had this dilemma of choosing a school for their children. In the previous article (Part 1 of 2), we talked about the different types of schooling systems. Be it public school, private school or home school, each has their benefits. But there are still a few things to be considered before determining what school that you would want to send your child to. Choosing a school system isn’t an overnight decision, so making the right choice that’s best for you and your child takes time and research.

School building
Choosing a school is never an easy decision.
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Private School Or Public School? Money Talks…

Often, the first thing you think about when you are about to consider buying something is the cost. Similarly, when choosing a school, it is important that the fees can fit your budget. Public schools are funded by the government, and the only fees to be paid are for the learning material. However, an international school or private school is funded by the students fees. Therefore, the fact remains that these schools are certainly not cheap. But with some research and understanding, you can find the right school that is suitable for your child and fits your budget.

School fees are sometimes expensive. Choosing the right school that fits your budget is important.
School fees are sometimes expensive. Choosing the right school that fits your budget is important.
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A Student’s Perspective

I am currently a student studying at a private school. As a student who has changed schooling systems, I know what it is like in a public school and a private school. In my view, I believe that enjoying the learning process in school is an important factor in learning. And even more importantly, understanding what you’re learning. When you don’t enjoy the learning process, you can’t fully understand what you learn. Which makes choosing the right school with the more suitable learning system for your child important.

What would a student think?
Ever thought about what would a student think?
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I used to detest school. Back then when I was in public school, I did enjoy learning and reading (very much) but I didn’t like school because I could not understand or remember certain things, as I studied in a Mandarin-speaking public school. I wasn’t very good at Mandarin back then, and almost every subject was taught in Mandarin. I could remember what I learned, and did well in exams, but it didn’t register in my brain’s internal storage and now I can barely remember anything that I learnt in public school (oh dear).

However, after studying four years in a public school, my father decided to send me to a private school. It turned out that a private school suited my needs better. As the curriculum was in English, that made it easier for me to understand what I was learning. I enjoyed the things that I learnt, and soon I started to actually like school.

Two-Way Communication Is Key

One important thing to do before choosing a school is to talk with your child. Your child should know about your plans for sending him/her to a new school. Explain to him/her about how the schooling system you chose works, so that he/she will have a sufficient understanding of what he/she will be going through. Every child deserves to have an enjoyable learning experience. Putting your child into another school overnight gives him/her the idea that “Mum/Dad forced me into this school,” and this harms his/her positive mindset.

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The next thing to do is to talk to your child about your decision.
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So, What Is My Final Decision?

Any last things to consider before making my decision? Yes, there is. An important factor when choosing a school is the location. The school you choose shouldn’t be too far from home so as to make it less troublesome when travelling to and fro. Another thing you could do is to pay the school a visit. See how the school is like, meet the teachers, and understand the vision of the school. Ask questions based on the specific need of your child. Do they take personal interest in every child? Is there commitment? Are the staff responsive to the needs and concerns of both student and parent?

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Serious brainstorming and decision making going on…
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You can also check through different recommendations on the internet or from other friends and relatives. Compare the syllabi and reviews by other parents who have made their choice to send their children to this certain school. While staff may put their best foot forward during a visit, you should also try talking to the parents and students at that school. It gives you more knowledge of what happens during school hours in the classroom. Talk to neighbours or parents you meet while visiting the school to find out if they and their children are happy with the quality of education offered there. Know your school well before choosing.

To Sum It Up In A Nutshell…

The choice that you make for your child should be based, most importantly, on you and your child’s needs. Just because someone else sends his/her child to a certain school doesn’t mean it is the perfect school for your child too. Ensure that the learning environment is suitable for your child, because learning should be enjoyable for every child. Choosing which school to send your child to isn’t an overnight decision, so give plenty of thought to it. So, if it fits your budget and is exactly the education your child needs, why not give it a try?

The Next Step…

Below are a few links of different websites that show you the different varieties of schools and their fees in Malaysia:

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