Triplets: Double The Trouble, Triple The Fun

I’ve always had this particular fascination with triplets. Growing up, I’ve personally known a few sets of triplets. They are by far some of the most interesting people I’ve gotten to know in my whole entire life. As a set of triplets, these friends of mine comprise two girls and one boy. They are not identical as some might think and finding out that they are actually a set of triplets, has to be the most surprising revelation ever.

Triplets with triple personalities
Three is never a crowd.
Source: Huzaini Husin on Reshot

Triplets And What Should You Know About Them

In the past 20 years, the number of triplets and higher-order multiple births (four or more babies) has increased dramatically. According to, although it has decreased in the last decade, triplet births are still not uncommon. Identical or monozygotic multiples occur when a single fertilised egg splits into two. Most identical multiples happen by chance. They not only look almost exactly alike but also share the same genes.

same but different - triplet models
How to model with identical triplets’ pose.
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Fraternal or dizygotic multiples occur when multiple eggs are fertilised by different sperm. The result may be different genders, and the offspring do not share the same genes or even look alike.

Having known Shamala and her twins for over 15 years, I notice they do have somewhat the ‘triplets mental connection’ albeit being completely different individuals altogether. Despite the bickering and siblings disagreements, being triplets for them is definitely a unique experience.

The triplets' elder brother (by three years difference), Sangkara, Shamala, Sarasijah
(From left): Shan, the triplets’ elder brother (three years their senior), Sangkara, Shamala and Sarasijah.
Source: Shamala’s personal collection

As I am closest to Shamala, she often says that they have no other reason to run together other than the fact that they are siblings. Hence, tolerance is mutual.

Is It Fun Being Triplets?

They actually finish each other’s sentences and share the same thought to a certain extent. Having been born two minutes earlier from the second and third twins, she does enjoy her time growing up as she is never alone, and birthdays are fun as well.

However, as they grow older, Shamala said to me that it is getting more obvious that they are three different people. It is not as different than having normal siblings. Sure, you get to respond with “You too!” when your twins wish you happy birthday, but most days it apparently doesn’t affect them much.

Personally for Shamala, it is not a fun ride. A lot of comparisons were made, growing up. Societal pressure was rampant during their school days. For example, everyone will be so engrossed with their academic results and how they fared were being compared to. “I hated that to the core,” she added, exasperatedly.

“Although, it is still fun at times but it is not a bed of roses everyday. Imagine having a duplicate/duplicates of you that will report every act of yours in school to Mummy and Daddy.”

Shamala ARIVALAKAN, on being one of the triplets

Sarasijah is kind of chilled and laid back as compared to Sangkara, who is more on the creative side and doesn’t take himself too seriously at times. Shamala said that the only mental connection they had while growing up is when one is down with fever, they know their twins are next to fall sick. It is only common when it comes to health, but not that accurate when it relates to troubles or good tidings to come.

Single And Ready To Mingle

(from left) Shamala, Hui Lian, Ashbir, Atika during Deepavali 2014, one of the triplets
(From left): Shamala, Hui Lian, Ashbir and Atika during Deepavali 2014.
Source: Atika‘s personal Instagram

I am honestly very fond of the idea of having triplets. However, there are some concerns on the risks of carrying three foetuses at one time. I would most probably consider in vitro fertilisation (IVF), since neither of my parents’ side has this genetic family traits.

Being single myself, I’d really like to prepare myself with parenthood possibility way earlier therefore, I’m really glad to be able to have a better overview in such matter with KL Fertility & Gynaecology (KL Fertility Centre) towards parenthood.

Thanks to modern technology and research, we can now further increase the fertility rate via fertility clinics that utilise procedures such as IVF. Based on the research done by, procedures such as IVF require the extraction of eggs and combine a sperm sample with an egg in a laboratory dish. It will then be taken for the next genetics process.

Three siblings on the stairs at Aaqrabâte, Syria
Beautiful triplets from Aaqrabâte, Syria.
Source: samer daboul on Pexels

By having your fertility greatly improved, it will also increase your likelihood at twins pregnancy or higher-order multiple births. This finding is also supported by an article on Higher-Order Multiple Gestations written by Dr Louis G Keith.

Local Treatment With International Standard

KL Fertility Centre is a fertility specialist centre. It is devoted exclusively in helping women to be pregnant. They have been providing fertility expertise for over two decades, helping couples have children across three continents. Since their establishment, KL Fertility Centre has strived to continuously improve on the fertility specialist treatment, and attend to their customers’ needs with the utmost care.

Whether it’s twins, triplets or even quadruplets, raising a family is not always a walk in the park. Especially when a couple is raising a pair of twins or more, it would really help for the couple to rely on each other.

It is advisable for the couple to get the right professional consultation whenever possible. They should always take care of themselves, so that either one or both of them can take care of the family. When the wife is pregnant with twins or triplets – the whole family can enjoy staying fit together.

pregnant woman working out
Fitness is for everyone, even for expectant mothers.
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For expectant mothers and your loved ones, you can read more on postnatal and postpartum care here. You can then see how it can help you to improve and relish your postpartum experience!

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