There’s Bodybuilding, And Then There’s Victoria Lee

Imagine bodybuilding – bulked up men, hitting the bars and irons at the gym, working out to get the physique of their dream. Now imagine the role is reversed – think about female bodybuilding. For years, women have been frown upon for doing anything relatively close to any male-dominant aptitudes. Victoria Lee is determined to change that. Talking about her biggest influence in the fitness industry, Victoria or also known as Vicky mentions that it has always been herself.
Victoria Lee, or also known as Vicky Lee is involved with a lot of sports brand campaigns.
Source: @vickiiwinks on Instagram

Bodybuilding For Asian Women Is Not Common

She shares that our culture prefers slender, petite and feminine girl figures. Although female bodybuilding is slowly picking up its pace, most females still have a lot of unnecessary fears about lifting weights and associate it with becoming masculine.

She laments that female bodybuilding is not viewed positively by men as they fear women who are strong. They find it unfeminine and a turn-off. Not Vicky though. She wants to be better than who she was the day before: stronger, lifts heavier weights and not to tire easily. She always has something she wants to improve on.

l’ve never had a bigger motivator than my own standards.

ViCTORIA LEE on being her own biggest FAN AND ENEMy.

She says by comparison there is no epitome of her perfect self. She wants to be a better version of herself, and no one is her but herself. Looking back at her fitness journey, although shared publicly, it has always been a very personal thing to her. She grounds herself by setting goals and benchmarks, as she believes she will eventually achieve them if she does them consistently.

How It All Started

Back in September 2013, a friend of hers decided to give her a much-needed push to sign up for a gym membership. At that time, she had always wanted to get fit. However, because she was still in college and her allowances were limited, she had to put that dream on hold. Her friend eventually helped to pay the upfront payment then. Until today, she is indebted to her friend because it’s true what they say, sometimes that little push is all we need.

Victoria Lee - one of the sponsored athlete for N8 Sports Nutrition for the year 2020.
After a good day at the gym, a post-workout drink is a must.
Source: Vicky’s personal collection

To those who don’t know, female bodybuilding is the female component of competitive bodybuilding. The modern iteration of the sport originated in the late 1970s. In Malaysia, television wrestling shows back in the 1980s and 1990s certainly had many people hooked and that includes Vicky.

Not A Wreck On Bodybuilding Stage

When competing in the different divisions — such as bikini, figure, physique and fitness, its journey for each person is different. Vicky has always delved into sports from a young age, but not into competitive sports.

I’m not big on games and thanks to my father, he always told me that winning a gamble – is not a true win. Winning from strategy and hard work is, and that, no one can take away from you.”

Vicky lee, speaking about the support from her family members.

As a teen, she adored the athletic bikini body she saw every now and then on television. Eventually, as social media platforms began to inundate the cyberspace, she finally invested more time and interest in bodybuilding. At the beginning, she trained from home by following YouTube workouts on her laptop. All her initial workouts were done by using just a 5lb (2.28kg) dumbbell and a yoga mat.
She never felt more alive when she is working hard towards her own goal.
Source: Vicky‘s Instagram

At the gym, TRX (bodyweight suspension training) and BodyPump™ (weight-based group-fitness training) classes are her two favourite. Seven years ago when she started, Vicky had no experience in bodybuilding so she settled with the easiest way to learn bodybuilding without having to feel nervous or alone.

In these one hour classes, she trains an average of five days a week for a year. Her life changed drastically when she made friends with the Master Trainer at the gym then. He challenged her to take up his six weeks of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) personal training, and she eventually picked up bodybuilding techniques.

Vicky Sees, Vicky Does

2020 is her sixth year in training. She believes that knowledge and learning are equally important. In this day and age, information is easily and freely accessible. However, there is also a plethora of disinformation on bodybuilding, health, and fitness.

Her main fitness goal is to share, demonstrate and educate people on the true aspects of physical fitness. Competition preparation is one of the most challenging tasks in the sports’ industry. Dietary restrictions, 101% discipline, full-focused training, posing practice, and on top of them all, staying positive, believing in yourself even at the worst mental state.

As a bodybuilder, Vicky agrees that the secret of achieving greatness is always discipline, even when it comes to your indulgence.
The secret in achieving greatness is always discipline, even when it comes to your indulgence.
Source: Vicky Lee‘s Instagram story

She has to overcome all deprivation and resistance to temptations, all for a greater goal. To her, this translates to solidifying one’s mindset and determination to achieve success and how one will handle things in general.

NABBA WFF Is Vicky’s Golden Ticket To Becoming A Pro

Vicky wants to be a mentor, a real and honest living example. She aspires to motivate and guide others without lying to them. She knows for a fact that it is difficult, but she is here to show everyone that being difficult does not mean it is impossible to do.

After winning the bronze medal in the recent National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association-World Fitness Federation (NABBA- WFF) Malaysia Competition in 2019, Vicky encourages all the strong females to speak even louder. She wants their voices to be able to lead the pack.

Women shall no longer be afraid to show how it looks like being healthy. How it feels to be beautiful and strong, yet remaining feminine altogether.

Vicky Lee is a true supporter of the women empowerment movement.
Vicky Lee posing after her lower body workout at the gym for her bodybuilding competitions
Vicky trains at least three hours a day without fail, preparing for the next NABBA-WFF Malaysia Competition.
Source: Vicky’s personal collection

Women empowerment and a great support system would be a great start. For her current journey in female bodybuilding, primarily focusing on bikini competition – Vicky aims to get a WFF Pro card soon. In Malaysia, with the support of NABBA-WFF, Vicky envisions that the women in the industry (or from all walks of life) should be in sisterhood and communities that exist to support each other.

All influential women should spare some time to visit high schools, colleges and universities to encourage girls to spend their time bettering themselves, learning to become healthier and accept their bodies.

Vicky Lee training on elliptical trainer or cross-trainer (also called an X-trainer) machine for her bodybuilding competitions
Training is part of Vicky’s life since 2014. Seen here is her doing another set of workouts on an elliptical trainer or cross-trainer (also called an X-trainer) machine.
Source: Vicky’s personal collection

Never Too Late To Start Somewhere

Bikini competitions are not here to just compare ourselves with each other. It is here because, like-minded girls, strong girls can unite and learn from each other. By sharing their experiences, they motivate each other to excellence.

Vicky is all about lifelong learning and provides free workout sessions often on her Instagram: @vickiiwinks. She is also reachable via Instagram Direct Message for all budding fitness enthusiasts out there.

Also, don’t forget to equip yourself with self-defence as well and you do not have to be afraid of being your true self after this.

(These images are shared with permission from Vicky Lee)

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