COVID-19 Quarantine: Help Your Children Learn From Home

Life is full of unexpected interruptions. From the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 virus spread across the world like wildfire. Here in Malaysia, things went downhill very quickly. The government had to make an unprecedented decision. They implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) on the 18th of March. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t improve much. The MCO was extended to safeguard the health of all Malaysians. The first extension went on until the 14th of April. Then the second extension until the 28th of April. As a result, the nation descended into panic mode. Many started hoarding food and, ironically, toilet paper — we are Malaysians, we should be able to use a bidet! Schools, education institutions and non-essential businesses were ordered to close their doors. Working from home suddenly became the “new normal”. Students are unable to continue their education and now have to find a way to learn from home.

To showcase how traditional methods of education are adapting and many institutions are going online.
Traditional methods of education are evolving and many institutions are going online.
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The “New Normal” Of Learning To Juggle Career And Childcare

The current situation must be difficult for working adults with families. Forced to remain at home, they’re juggling their 9-to-5 jobs while caring for their children. There are so many issues on their minds now. Additionally, this whole quarantine at home situation is undoubtedly interrupting their children’s education. Parents are not sure how to educate their children and where to even begin. But there is a solution!

Ever Wondered How Children Can Learn From Home?

Homeschooling is not a new development in the education industry. We know that there are plenty of resources available online. Teaching one’s own children at home isn’t exactly what most parents signed up for. Most parents lack the skills and training to be educators. With all the stresses of this “new normal”, the patience of parents is also wearing thin. If given the right tools, parents will be able to help their children to continue learning. And hopefully, maintain some form of sanity and balance at home too.

That said, free material may not always be of quality, and that’s the truth. When it comes to education, we look to highly qualified institutions to determine the credibility of the content. What about educational content from local institutions and organisations? 

Accessing Online Learning Materials In Malaysia

It is important that during this unprecedented time, children continue to be mentally stimulated. They should be encouraged to explore and gain knowledge through innovative means. Following the announcement of MCO, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has called on Malaysian parents to tap into e-Learning platforms and other online resources as an alternative to their children’s education.

One of the platforms currently being provided is the Learn From Home initiative by YTL Foundation. This collaboration between YES and FrogAsia provides students with free mobile data and online learning materials. This will help them continue learning for free!

Students can continue to learn from home through this initiative by YTL Foundation
YTL Foundation is introducing the Learn From Home initiative to help parents with their children’s education for free!
Source: YTL Foundation

Currently, the learning materials available are based on the Malaysian government school syllabus. For the majority of Malaysian students attending government schools, they will be able to continue with their education without disruption. FrogAsia is working closely with teachers and content partners — Pelangi and Teach For Malaysia — to develop weekly lessons. The lessons are consistent and aligned with the Malaysian national school curriculum. It is worth noting that Pelangi is a well-established education publisher in Malaysia with an international presence. On the other hand, Teach For Malaysia is a non-profit organisation that brings education to students who face socio-economic challenges. The synergy of all three parties results in quality educational content for free.

Learning From Home Can Be Fun And Interactive

Learning from home is made fun as  materials include videos and articles to capture the attention of students
Online learning is made fun with videos and articles to capture the attention of students.
Source: FrogAsia

We can all agree that engaging students can be really difficult, especially with all the distractions at home. Each lesson has been carefully curated and structured, with the intention to be fun and interactive. Interesting articles to read and fun videos to watch supplement the syllabus. Students will now be able to enjoy their lessons. At the end of each topic, students will have an activity or an assignment to complete. As a result, students can enjoy study life balance at home. It’s a win-win situation for everyone at home!

Everyone has a different personality. There are also students out there who prefer more interactive activities. Especially those who actually enjoy the challenge, and playing games. They too can enjoy the activities and quizzes on FrogPlay Mobile. FrogPlay Mobile is an interactive learning mobile app available on Google Play and iOS App Store. The app contains revision quizzes for all core subjects for students aged seven to seventeen. It is worth noting that these quizzes are also carefully curated by FrogAsia, their content partner, Pelangi, and teachers. There is something for every student!

Parents and students can access the weekly lessons here.

All You Need Is An Internet Connection To Learn!

As long as students have access to the internet, they are able to engage with the lessons anytime! However, the reality is that not all parents can afford internet access for their children. Especially so during this financially pressing time. While the Malaysian government is providing free internet for households, YES is also providing free data for those in need. Parents can apply for a 4G prepaid SIM card with 40GB data plan. It’s valid for up to five children to learn from home. All they have to do is register online. YES will deliver the SIM cards to the registered home address. This service is free of charge nationwide. In addition, each SIM card is valid for a period of 60 days from the date of activation. That’s about two months worth of data! 

YES is providing free SIM cards so that students can access study materials to learn from home.
Parents who need access to internet for their children to learn from home can apply for a free SIM card from YES!
Source: YTL Foundation

Parents can request for a SIM card here

What’s The Catch?

Nothing! You can begin anytime. This Learn From Home initiative is the perfect free activity for students and parents to take advantage of.

Interested in the Learn From Home initiative? Then consider participating in the programme. For more information, head on over to the YTL Foundation website.

Happy learning! 

Would you get your children started on the Learn From Home programme?

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