Journalling: Little Daily Dosage Of Self-Love

Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t love a person until you love yourself first”? Self-love is important to living well because it guides us to love and appreciate ourselves despite the negativity. Self-love influences us to pick suitable soulmates, plan healthy lifestyles, and help us to cope with obstacles in our daily life. Indeed, there are many ways to love yourself for example, journalling in daily life.

The minute you love yourself, you won’t want to be anyone else.

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Journalling in daily life
In journalling, you can write or draw to make your journals more interesting.
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Journal is a means of expressing personal thoughts in daily life by writing experiences or drawing a cute doodles. Before the advent of the Internet, the journal acts as an offline personal diary for everyone. But when social media started to rise in the early 2000s, it became everyone’s online diary. Everyone has their way to share their own daily routines, such as posting stories on Instagram and Facebook. However, journalling is still a choice for some to record their story in private.

Doodle Journalling

I started journalling again in 2019. My best friend had given me a book to record all the memories of my daily life. Writing a journal can consist sharing personal life experiences, such as career, feelings, or relationships. There are different types of journals, ranging from prayer journal, travel journal, doodle journal, and collage journal.

Doodle journalling
I learn new artistic styles of drawing when I doodle on my journal. It simply brings out the creative side of me.
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I am more into doodle journalling because drawing helps to boost my creativity. I also have a chance to try out calligraphy too. This always brings out the artistic side of me. For starters, you can combine different colours while drawing and also discover a new doodle to be included in the entry. Writing a journal has proven to bring a lot of benefits that can improve the quality of life.

Benefits Of Writing A Journal

1. Improve Your Writing Skills

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I love writing since I was a child, and journalling encouraged me to improve my writing skills. I get to discover new words that I can use to write in my journal entry. When I wrote about camping with my classmates from university, I tried using new words to increase my vocabulary in English Language. Journalling is a platform for me to become a storyteller about my own life.

2. Relieve Stress With Journalling

Journalling for relieve stress
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When I am having a hard time in life, I will start writing my journal. As the journal acts like my private space, it helps me to relieve stress and clear my thoughts. Recently, I struggled with my career. I was miserable and burdened at the same time. So I poured out all of my sorrows by writing a journal. It helped me a lot when dealing with stress and also helps me to seek inner peace in life.

3. Set Goals In Life

Goals in Journal
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If you have goals in life, you can write them in the journal. Writing goals enables your brain to track the progress and set a strategy to achieve your dreams. By writing it in the journal, it allows you to identify potential obstacles. Another part of my goals is seeking great opportunities in the broadcasting industry. For example, I drew the mind map about my experiences when auditioning for Bernama TV as a news presenter.

4. Boost Memory By Journalling

Journalling and memory
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Your brain is likely to store information that you have written in the journal and enhance memory about your life experiences. You will have an easier time when recalling your writing in the future. I like to record all the beautiful memories in my journal for me to read it again in the future. It makes me feel as though I am reading a storybook about my own life. Whether it is about the work, hanging out with my friends, or about my family.

5. Allow Yourself To Self Reflect

Self reflect through jounalling
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As human beings, we make a lot of mistakes in our life. A bad experience does not mean you have failed as a person. When writing a journal about bad experiences, it will enable us to self reflect. Through journalling, we can recognise our fears or mistakes and take the necessary steps to overcome the problem. After that, we can think about how much we have changed and improved ourselves in the future.

Therefore, Journalling Is A Good Therapy In Loving Yourself

Writing a journal made me become more peaceful and matured because I easily tear up when I am overwhelmed with problems in my life. It is really important to love yourself first. By loving yourself does not define you as a selfish person because it is necessary to maintain your own mental and physical health. Appreciate yourself more and accept that you are special in your own way. Nobody can replace you. Be proud of how far you have come after going through both good and bad experiences in your life.

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Do you keep a personal journal?

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