Meet Gen Z: The Lifestyle Of The New Generation

Over the passing of time, our world has changed in more ways than one. Generations come and generations pass, but as the old generation fades away, a new one comes to fill its place. With the arrival of the 21st century came the newest generation: Generation Z. Also known as “Gen Z”, the “iGeneration”, the “Homeland Generation”, or the “Multi-Gen”, people of this generation are born between the mid-to-late 1990s and the early 2010s. Since Gen Z is born in a digital age, this generation has the most technologically-saturated lifestyle. Here’s an outlook to life as a Gen Z-er with all its characteristics.

The new generation, born in this digital age, comes of age in the dawn of the new millennium.
The new generation, born in this digital age, comes of age in the dawn of the new millennium.
Source: Image by Akson from Unsplash

Characteristics Of Generation Z

1) Gen Z Is Financially Focused

Generation Z understands that their work is necessary for financial reasons. Unlike millennials who often need to love what they do, they’ll accept employment that provides steady income and necessary benefits even if it isn’t their dream job. Not saying that they wouldn’t prefer to enjoy their work, but they do have a reason for such a mindset. Their financially-driven actions are often due to seeing how quickly money can disappear with the decline of the economy. After witnessing such downturns during the time of the previous generations, they tend to be more risk averse. This makes Gen Z-ers hardworking and resourceful.

2) Gen Z Is Entrepreneurial

Despite what was said previously, they are not afraid to chase their ideas and make them a reality. They are confident and believe they have what it takes to bring about success. With the Internet to help them with what they don’t know, it makes the bold decision to be entrepreneurial less arduous.

3) Gen Z Is Independent And Competitive

Whilst millennials prefer working collaboratively, Generation Z believes in fabricating their own destiny. Their independence and competitiveness aid them in striving for greatness while relying on themselves. They often will take any chance to leap through the door of opportunity, which is what makes them exceptional entrepreneurs. However, they also work well with others collaboratively and appreciate human interaction.

4) Gen Z Is Realistic

Millennials are people who are idealistic, ambitious, and passionate about what they do. However, realistic Gen Z is quite different. Raised during a time of global economic stress, they are keenly aware of the need to save for the future. With unlimited information at their fingertips via the Internet, they tend to be more pragmatic about their life decisions. These decisions are often based upon present events and future possibilities. Surveys have shown that many Gen Z-ers prefer regular employment above free-lancing or part-time jobs. This may come as a surprise when compared to the attitude of their millennial counterparts. However, they value knowing what’s going on around them, and prioritise their future from a young age.

Generation Z has arrived – and they’re very different from millennials.

Denise villa, CEO of the centre for generational kinetics

Generation Z In The Workplace

Tech-savvy Gen Z has set foot into the workplace.
Tech-savvy Gen Z has set foot into the workplace.
Source: Image by Marvin Meyer from Unsplash

Heads up! A large chunk of Generation Z has just entered the workforce, which means you’ll see them in the workplace soon. You’ll find that they are quite different from the previous generations. Gen Z prioritises positive relationships, work-life balance, schedule flexibility, and job stability. 90% of them want human interaction at work and direct communication from their co-workers. 65% of them expect and appreciate constant feedback from their employer or fellow employees. These eager-to-learn multi-taskers absorb information quickly, so they do well with on-the-job training. But with the COVID-19 pandemic upsetting the workforce in the marketplace, it has now become harder for Gen Z-ers to experience these things.

How Technology Affects Education Today

For many students today, online classes have become the new norm.
For many students today, online classes have become the new norm.
Source: Image by Luisella Leoni from Pixabay

Thanks to technology, education today is very different from education in the past. Before the Internet, you had to search through a dictionary to understand the meaning of a word. Today, you can look words up in a dictionary app or search engine. Rather than spending ages flipping through books, the new generation has the World Wide Web to research any information needed. The Internet allows virtual interaction with web conferences, online forums, etc. Many schools use video conferencing platforms like Zoom Meeting to continue classes despite the current pandemic. Virtual learning has rapidly become the new norm for students thanks to modern day technology.

Growing Up With The Internet And Social Media

Most Gen Z-ers are digital natives who grew up surrounded by technology.
Most Gen Z-ers are digital natives who grew up surrounded by technology.
Source: Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

Literally born with a mobile phone in their hands, many Gen Z-ers and millennials today have various social media accounts. They use platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and many others. People go on social media for entertainment, socialisation, content sharing, recommendations, or just to check new things out. Many people today also utilise social media platforms as platforms for them to influence others and voice their opinions. Because they can have access to social media with any device, they can still do all of the above even with COVID-19. However, teens nowadays tend to spend too much time on their devices, which can lead to addiction and health problems. Moreover, the online web is not always a safe place. Often, many young Gen Z-ers are often unknowingly exposed to dangerous threats.

Online Threats?

Yes, online threats. Many people today don’t realise how dangerous it can be to venture onto unknown websites. Cyber bullying has become a common occurrence since more kids go online today. Because of certain software and technology, it is now possible for cyber criminals to breach your computer. Misuse of the Internet and technology has made cyberspace a dangerous place. However, there are ways to avoid and stop these threats. You can read more about data protection, and how to manage and secure your passwords here.

The Perspective Of A Gen Z-er

The lifestyle of Gen Z is a unique blend of technology, social media, and the Internet.
The lifestyle of the new generation is a unique blend of technology, social media, and the Internet. Source: Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Yes, I am in fact a tech-savvy Generation Z teenager. I grew up (and still am growing up haha) in a digital world. Born in an age where all gadgets are touch-screen, mobile phones, technology and the Internet (with all its positives and negatives) are part of our lifestyle. I would say that there are many pros and cons of being a Gen Z-er. The World Wide Web and online communication have allowed us to continue in our studies. We can still keep in touch with others even through the current pandemic. There are so many things that we can do at home, yet many of us waste precious hours mindlessly scrolling through social media. Sometimes it can become an addiction or a distraction to that which is important. The Internet is a privilege our generation gets to enjoy, but it is often misused when we lack self-control.

In Conclusion

We have incredible technology to aid us in our daily lives, but the current COVID-19 affects our growing years severely. However, we accept obstacles as stepping-stones to help us grow and Gen Z openly welcomes change. In conclusion: despite all that’s happening now, Generation Z is preparing itself for the future. We’re ready to take our place in society as the new and thriving generation.

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