Online Food Delivery: New Norms In Dining

Online delivery is in huge demand all around the world especially when it comes to the food category. There are many reasons why people prefer to order food online. The most common cited reason being busy with work or studies. When we feel tired, we do not have the energy to cook. So, we pull out our smartphones and begin our search online for ready meals on the food applications such as Foodpanda, GrabFood and Dahmakan. These food applications are the most popular among Malaysians.

online food delivery that provides rider service
In Malaysia, there is another online food delivery that provides rider service such as Uber Eats but was acquired by Grab.
Picture credit to Robert Anasch from Unsplash

Online Food Delivery Experiences

I am a graduate student in Diploma of Public Relations and Entertainment Management from Management & Science University (MSU). During my university days, I have another housemate called Alyn who studied the same course as me. We lived with six other housemates who pursued other courses from MSU such as Diplomas in Culinary Arts (Nad and Shira), Human Capital Management (Zu), Early Childhood Education (Mun and Alece) and Foundation in Business (Sara). We were close and treated each other like sisters. Once in a blue moon, we would hang out together and dine at the nearest shopping mall near our home in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Housemates from MSU
My lovely housemates from MSU. From left to right: Mun, Nad, Shira, Alece, Me, Zu and Sara. This was one of the rare occasions where we dined out together as a group at the café known as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Picture by Author

Whenever we were too busy to cook, we would order our food online. My go-to meal for dinner was “Nasi Goreng. We used WhatsApp to order since the restaurant provided us their number for the delivery. One of our housemates would take down our preferences and placed the orders for the group so that none would missed their meal. To us, Malaysian food is always the best. We even brought back homemade food cooked by our families to be shared with one another. For example, one would bring back a spicy dish called sambal belacan. We usually eat sambal belacan with other dishes such as soy sauce chicken, white rice and fried fish.

A plate of nasi goreng garnished with an egg
My housemates and I always order nasi goreng because it is one of the most filling, delicious and affordable meal for students like us.
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Are Desserts Available For Delivery?

I love ordering desserts online because I have a sweet tooth. My favourite desserts are cupcakes and tarts. For cupcakes, my favourite flavours are chocolate and red velvet. Generally for my desserts, I prefer chocolate flavour. I fell in love with red velvet for the first time because of its cream cheese topping.

Online Food Delivery For Dessert By Seal The Lips cupcakes
Delightful customised cupcakes with either fondant or buttercream topping. These cupcakes come in a variety of flavours: vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch.
Picture credit to Seal The Lips

Recently, my close friend Nisa Rapi started an online bakery business. She was my colleague from a previous company. We always had our lunch together in the office. We often spoke about our interests in writing and music. If we had trouble at work, we always sought each other out. That’s how we build our friendship until now. I am glad to have her as one of my bosom friends.

Food Delivery For Dessert By Seal The Lips customised cakes
Care for a chocolate fondant cake with a flower motif? “Cakes can be customised to suit every special occasion,” says Nisa. Just let her know your preferences such as flavours, toppings, party-theme and budget. And she’ll amaze you with her aesthetically-designed cakes.
Pictures credit to Seal The Lips

Online Bakery Inspired By Crafty Hobbies

Nisa founded Seal The Lips in February 2020 with her sister, Fina. Since childhood, they loved hobbies related to handicraft such as scrapbooking. That’s how she got the idea to open an online bakery. She also mentioned that her online bakery offers many different types of desserts. Their menu consists of egg tarts, customised cakes and cupcakes. They also provide event management services such as birthday party, baby shower and bridal shower for their customers.

Portuguese Egg Tart by Seal The Lips
Tarts are one of my favourite desserts. Nisa shared with me about her signature dish, the Portuguese Egg Tart. This is her best seller. I love the fluffy egg custard and its crisp, flaky crust.
Pictures credit to Seal The Lips

Online Food Delivery That Caught My Attention

Delivery And Event Planning
Desserts such as cupcakes can be one of the important elements during a birthday party besides the decoration.
Picture by Seal The Lips

There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts.

gail simmons, a canadian food writer and a cookbook author. she SERVED a permanent judge ON CULINARY TELEVISION SHOW Top Chef

I am planning to throw a birthday party for my mum in the coming months. To make the occasion more special, I have ordered a customised cake from Nisa. What’s more? I can get her and her team to organise it for me. In my opinion, it is very convenient for me to be able to get two services under one roof.

Online Delivery Is The Convenient Way To Try Out New Food

Customers can choose to pay with either card or cash when they use online food delivery.
Customers can choose to pay with either card or cash when they use online food delivery.
Picture by Norma Mortenson from Pexel

Online food delivery is giving a lot of benefits to everyone. Customers get to pick a variety of food they like online. On the other hand, business owners too can reach out to a wider range of customers, thanks to food applications such as Foodpanda and GrabFood. I used to shop online for clothes and Korean albums. Now, I can add ordering food to my online shopping list because I enjoy trying out new menus that are unique especially for desserts.

If you want to treat yourself to some sweet treats, you can have a sneak peek at Nisa’s online bakery through their Instagram, Seal The Lips.

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  1. Awesome write up!! I am ordering my dinner via Grab as it is more convenient at this time. Looking at your sweet tooth photo makes me crave for cakes but that have to wait till December! Can’t wait for our gossip sesh. Xoxo

    • Aww thank you so much for visiting Linda~ Glad you are enjoying my article too! No worries, we will meet again soon and eat a lot of desserts~ 🥰❤️

  2. This is way more relevant now that CMCO in Kuala Lumpur has just started today. All I am doing is ordering food online.

    • Agree. I am starting to order food online too and pretty sure the restaurant will received huge amount orders from their customer during this CMCO.

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