Hijab, A Crown For Muslim Women All Around The World

Recently, Muslim wear is in huge demand in the fashion industry all around the world. Hijab (headscarf) is becoming an important part of my life and for me, it is a crown for me as a Muslim woman. Muslim wear promotes modesty in the fashion, beginning from the headscarves all the way to whole outfits such as top, skirts and pants. Muslim wear is gradually gaining more attention from international fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, when they revealed their special abaya collection in late 2019.

Hijab In Muslim Wear Category
Hijab is so diverse in the Muslim wear fashion. You can pair the hijab with the same colour of your abaya or choose a bold colour to complement your style.
Picture by Uzun Mayan from Pexels

Hijab In Muslim Wear Category

I love simple hijab styles that I can wear every day and I always follow the tutorials from YouTube. From the tutorials, I learn new hijab styles and also discover the different types of headscarves that are available online to try on.

Hijab, A Crown For Muslim Woman
One of the hijab styles that I wear daily. I use chiffon shawl because it is comfortable and suitable for the tropical weather in Malaysia.
Picture by Author
Easy-to-wear styles with a chiffon hijab by Hummi.

From my previous employment, where I managed weekly marketing campaigns for Malaysian online sellers, my previous clients would share that the hijab ranked as the best selling item in the Muslim wear category.

Tips To Choose A Right Hijab

1. Colour

A lot of customers will purchase a hijab with a colour that complements their skin tone. As a customer too, I love to choose earth colour like brown and beige because I love earth tone. Bright colours such as pink, orange, and yellow can brighten up your mood at work or when meeting with friends. Yet, the most popular colour is black because it is a universal colour in fashion.

Choosing the right hijab muslim wear
Choosing the right hijab is important as you need to feel comfortable when wearing your hijab daily. Start with the colour and then the material to complement your Muslim wear fashion style.

2. Material

The most popular material for the hijab is chiffon. It is known for its lightweight and has a beautiful drape. Another suitable material for the headscarf is satin. Moreover, satin is popular due to the luxury material and its quality. There are two different types of satin i.e. silk satin and matte satin.

3. Measurement

Measurement is one of the most important elements in choosing a suitable hijab. Most of my friends prefer a long hijab because it conveys the modesty of Muslim wear. Also, the long hijab lends more creativity in trying new styles as seen in the YouTube tutorial below:

Raya Shawl Tutorial (four styles) | Chest covered by Intan Syafiqah

Why Is Muslim Wear Getting More Exposure?

Muslim wear modesty by JIMMYSCARVES
Muslim wear is getting more exposure in the fashion world. This is because they promote the modesty and the unique design of the hijab.

Muslim wear is game-changing in the fashion industry. They showcase modesty and sophistication for the Muslim woman. Well-known fashion brands such as Zara, H&M and Forever 21 started bringing in the headscarf into their collections. There was also a fashion show dedicated to Muslim wear fashion during the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2015.

JIMMYSCARVES, is a Malaysian brand established in 2017 by Azim Mat Noor, fondly known as Jimmy. The flagship store of JIMMYSCARVES was opened in 2018 in Negeri Sembilan. The brand focuses on women between 27 and 45 years of age. The most popular hijab JIMMYSCARVES offers is their printed hijab. Their new release Love Jimmy 3.0 is part of the Love Jimmy series. Every year, the brand will release the Love Jimmy series to celebrate the founder’s birthday. The Love Jimmy series timeline is Love Jimmy in 2018, Love Jimmy 2.0 in 2019 and Love Jimmy 3.0 in 2020. 

Printed Hijab Is One Of The Most Popular Elements In Choosing A Hijab

Less in more for JIMMYSCARVES
Elegant, chic, minimalist and stylish is the trademark of JIMMYSCARVES. The brand also features modern and fresh contemporary prints. Jimmy believes in less is more for the design.

Love Jimmy 3.0 features two versions of square scarves. The first one is the basic square scarf that measures 50 inches (127 cm). The second one is the instant square scarf with ready awning that comes in two sizes: 55 inches (139.7 cm) and 60 inches (152.4 cm). Then, the most interesting part of this collection is the premium fabric used such as Sakura chiffon and Korean chiffon. Besides that, the material is lightweight and flowy but opaque to make sure the wearers are properly covered.

It comes in six different colours, from soft pastel to vibrant hues to offer a variety of selection for their customers. Besides hijab, JIMMYSCARVES are also expanding their product range to include hijab accessories such as brooches and hijab inners (underscarves). Long and wide scarves are becoming the brand’s identity that will always attract the attention of women worldwide.

Muslim Wear Is Booming In The Fashion Industry

Muslim wear by JIMMYSCARVES
Azim Mat Noor, also known as Jimmy says, “The Love Jimmy series is a way for me to celebrate my special day with fans of JIMMYSCARVES. It is a collection that is very close to my heart as I am personally involved in the creation of this collection from the concept to the colours and the prints. Since we launched the brand three years ago, this exclusive series has always been one of our more anticipated collections.”

In Jimmy’s opinion, he thinks that long hijab should have more options in terms of design. This is to give more choice to the wearers. Due to the unique and iconic prints, JIMMYSCARVES managed to gain many followers for their hijab brand. In conclusion, Muslim wear is making huge strides into the fashion world but from the modesty point of view.

Getting JIMMYSCARVES Through Online and Offline

Lastly, If you are interested to purchase the Love Jimmy 3.0 collection, it is available on their website and store in Bandar Sri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan. You can follow JIMMYSCARVES on Facebook and Instagram.

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