When In Doubt, Check With A Pharmacist

It’s the flu season again, and it appears that you’ve caught the virus! Waking up with a runny nose and a sore throat, you decide to pay a visit to the doctor’s clinic. However, the clinic you usually visit is closed today! Lucky for you, the nearby pharmacy is open, so you can get your flu medicine from there. Community pharmacies play an important role in the healthcare industry. From there, you can get medication, supplements, healthcare products and more. But how do you know which product is best for you? How many times a day do you have to take your prescribed medication? What’s the difference between this supplement brand and that one? When you’re in this dilemma, always check with a pharmacist or physician.

A pile of medication and remedies.
Be sure to consult a pharmacist or physician before you take any medication or drugs.
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Pharmacist To The Fore: Reading Medicine Labels Is Not For Everyone

“What are you buying?”

“Pain relief medication. This new brand that I’m buying gives instant relief from pain because of a new chemical compound.”

“Don’t you have chemical allergies? You might get unwanted side effects.”

“Mmm… I think it’ll be fine. I am purchasing it from a pharmacy, after all.”

“Just to be safe, I think you should check with a pharmacist.”

Consult Your Pharmacist Before You Travel Overseas

People carry their luggage as they walk through the airport.
When you’re travelling abroad, you need to be well prepared for any ailments.
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Imagine going overseas for a long period. Whether it is for a holiday trip or for your studies, you’ll definitely need to pack a lot of items. Medication is one of them and it is very important too. What sort of drugs should you bring? Painkillers? Anti-histamines? More importantly, how much? If you have an existing health condition, will you be able to get your medication overseas? Most domestic health insurances won’t cover you when you visit a foreign country. So unless you purchase travel health insurance, you’ll need to bring sufficient medication, otherwise your medical bills are going to be quite high. What supplements should you bring to keep your immune system strong? To get the answers to all those questions, you need the advice of a reliable pharmacist.

A Good Pharmacist Will Always Have Interest In Your Health

Let’s say you’re feeling unwell today and you decide to go to the pharmacy and get a remedy for it. Would you want a typical retailer who cares more about selling you a product than helping you? Or alternatively, a familiar pharmacist who knows your medical history and sincerely wants to help you with your problem? I’m sure we’d all settle for the latter. People want a pharmacist who focuses on their needs instead of hard-selling. What can you benefit from a good pharmacist?

A pharmacist stands between shelves of medication and drugs.
What is something you would want from a pharmacist and the pharmacy?
Source: Image by Alchemist Pharmacy

1) Helpful Information

Have you forgotten the dosage of your medication? Not sure if you should take your pills once or twice a day? Don’t know if this is a bottle of cough syrup or ibuprofen? Can you still take the paracetamol that’s been in your medicine cabinet for months? (Guilty). As a safety precaution, you would want to check with a healthcare professional to identify your medicine. NEVER take medication without knowing what it is as it could be potentially harmful to your health. A helpful pharmacist can state explicitly what you need to know concerning your medication.

2) Friendly Service

Personally, though I am very sociable with close friends, I can be very awkward and/or shy around strangers. Having to talk to people in public can be stressful for me. Hence, it really helps when there are staff (whether at a restaurant, clinic, or dentist) who are hospitable and courteous. Also, I’m sure that this applies to being at a pharmacy as well. A friendly pharmacist will answer all your questions and give you medical advice rather than try to hard-sell you a product.

3) Reliable Medical Advice

If you’re ever clueless on the product you want to purchase, check with a pharmacist. A pharmacist will patiently educate you on the purpose and usage of the product then recommend something more suitable for your needs. He/she will tell you if said product is the best for you, taking active ingredients, side effects, your health conditions, details, etc. into consideration. Most importantly, a good pharmacist prioritises your health above all else.

The greatest wealth is health.

Publius vergilius maro, Roman poet of the 19th century

What We All Need Is A Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacist

Meet our friendly neighbourhood pharmacist, Peh Mui Lee, behind the counter with prescription drugs behind her.
Meet our friendly neighbourhood pharmacist, Peh Mui Lee. She ensures a pharmacist or a locum is always available to serve her customers.
Source: Image by Alchemist Pharmacy

One such pharmacist who prioritises your health is Peh Mui Lee. She owns and runs Alchemist Pharmacy located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur since 2000. Their motto is “Your Health Comes First”, and they strive to give the best attention and service to their customers. Of all the points mentioned above, Alchemist Pharmacy meets every single one of them.

Mui Lee and her team constantly educate the public on what is true and false concerning medical facts. They are active on Facebook where they share many informational videos and articles. Yes, they are still open and available even with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can get amazing natural healthcare products, supplements, medication and more from them.

Remember… when in doubt, check with a pharmacist.

The shopfront of Alchemist Pharmacy.
Alchemist Pharmacy is a stand-alone pharmacy that continues to serve the community even during the re-imposition of Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions since 13 January 2021.
Source: Image by Alchemist Pharmacy

Are You In Need Of Service?

Do you have a familiar pharmacist who can offer the services mentioned above? If you don’t, then maybe you can contact Alchemist Pharmacy. Feel free to add your comment below about your experiences at your neighbourhood pharmacy!

If you were unwell, what would you choose to do as your first option?

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  1. Ms Peh from Alchemist Pharmacy is a very dedicated and knowledgeable pharmacist who is always put your health first.. She always will explain to you how to take your medication properly.

  2. This pharmacy is so close to me. I will make a point to visit a pharmacy next time I have a long trip planned. Thanks for the informative article.

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