Sleep Adulthood: Embrace The Pea In Your Princess Fairy Tale

Can you guess the common theme between these fairy tales? Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, and Princess and the Pea. Well, the hint is already in the title. Sleep. Maybe because it’s a fairy tale, but sleep is a significant part of their plots. Snow White falls into a death-like sleep, Alice falls asleep and finds herself in Wonderland, and the princess is tested for her royalty in her sleep. Sleep in this context symbolises the bridge to get to where you want to be. Finding a true love prince, entering Wonderland, and becoming a true princess. But as we grow older into adulthood, we forget these stories. The same goes to show with our sleep too. We sleep less and don’t take much thought as to how our bodies react to the place we spend half our life on. Just like that, we begin our sleep adulthood.

A man laying in the middle of the bed with books and gadgets around him signifying sleep adulthood.
Being surrounded by various gadgets and reading materials can deprive you of much needed sound sleep. These are the peas under your bed and you may not realise them.
Photo by Ola Dapo from Pexels

My Jagged Road To Sleep Adulthood

Getting back to the magical world of sleep, the pea in the princess fairy tale symbolises our true selves. In the fairy tale, one of the characteristics of royalty is sensitivity. Not just sensitivity to a physical item under our bed but all the things happening in our lives that we bring with us to bed. And this pea is a metaphor for everything that passes through our mind before we fall asleep, our thoughts.

A woman sleeping in bed covering her face with a blanket.
When sleeping, the bigger the worries, the bigger the pea. The pea has always existed and it’s our sensitivity that increases as we grow older.
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

The one thing I’ve found myself practising as a young adult is attaining the, “I’ll figure it out myself” mentality. As I am gaining independence away from my family, the thought of being responsible for myself has struck quickly and hard. Therefore, to manage the pea under my mattress, I believe in resolving them quickly or accepting them altogether. Well, you’re wondering how this metaphorical pea is relevant to sleep adulthood. Growing from teens to young adults, our bodies and minds change along with increasing responsibilities. The pea that was once the size of an ant from your childhood may have grown as big as a pea-r or bigger depending on your worries.

What Comes To Mind When Hearing The Term Sleep Adulthood?

Many people upon hearing the term sleep adulthood would think of silk sheets, essential oils, or king-sized beds as big as half the room. Some unique answers would be, sleep adulthood is no sleep at all. Scarily true. But surprisingly, not many answers include the type of bed or mattress. A month ago, I wouldn’t have either. This is important because this proves the transition of sleep adulthood really does happen.

A woman opening a bottle of essential oil that many perceive as a part of sleep adulthood.
Essential oil is a common perception of sleep adulthood. Putting some drops or spraying on the pillows helps you sleep better and is beneficial for your skin.
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

As we learn, we change bit by bit through the pre-existing notions of sleep adulthood. And eventually, the mention of buying a mattress and bed will come up as a final chapter. Changing what we can is a great initial step, maybe that’s why many see it as buying accessories and aids to help sleep better. Instead of changing the mattress altogether to help you sleep without anything else.

Treat Your Body And Mind As If You Are Royalty

Some of us might not have even given a second thought on the type of mattress we sleep on. Me, for example. I would sleep on anything that was given to me. Never had a choice in decision-making during mattress shopping. Perhaps I was still a kid then, but also it never did occur to me to even care. I mean it’s just a mattress, right? Aren’t all mattresses just the same? But no. Now I’m in my early twenties, self-care is definitely becoming a priority as everything is getting harder to maintain, including sleep.

A family of three laying down with a smile together on a bed facing the camera signifying the evolution of sleep adulthood.
We learn how to sleep from our family but the importance of sleep is learnt from ourselves. It’s up to us to manage our own pea before the pea itself gets bigger than us, ruining our chance to get that royal sleep.
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Long Long Ago, There Once Was Mattress Shopping

As my family and I lived abroad away from our home in Malaysia, we would occasionally find time to return once a year for holiday. Whenever we visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we stayed at our condominium. The beds we slept on were bought at a local furniture store nearby. Whenever I think of mattress shopping, I think of the typical rebellious behaviour of jumping on the different mattresses with feathers flying around all in slow motion. The childhood perspective. But I only remember tagging along with my family looking at different mattresses, in and out of different stores endlessly.

A corner of a bed exposing the mattress and mattress topper, along with the side table decorations.
I’ve found that many people place a mattress topper like the one on top of the bed here. It protects the mattress and gives that extra comfort.
Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels

It was exhausting and I would end up waiting outside and playing with my siblings instead. Once we got the mattresses, we ended up buying a separate mattress topper like the one above that made it softer and comfortable to sleep on. I never questioned it but I’m wondering, why didn’t they invest in a mattress that already has that extra cushion in it. Buying two separate items for one single purpose seems wasteful.

The Adulthood Of Mattress Shopping

I’ve got to admit, the mattress shopping experience could use an upgrade. If I had it my way, I would choose a familiar place where the quality is unquestionable. Rather than from a local furniture store that has fluctuating prices and unknown origins. People nowadays like to know where the things they buy come from and basically everything about them. Transparency makes the brand more attractive.

Two women buying something online such as mattress shopping online which is a new part of sleep adulthood.
Nowadays mattress shopping online is a new part of sleep adulthood that has come from extensive use of technology. You can get everything and anything you want online, mattresses are no exception.
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Relating to the present, I don’t think mattress shopping is something many people enjoy. Even prior to the COVID-19 quarantine, not many young people shop for mattresses. As rents are more common than purchasing a whole residence, beds and mattresses are usually provided when moving into a new place. So, even if they wanted to invest in a new dream mattress, what are they gonna do with the one included? That said, mattress shopping is looked upon as a past tradition practised by people older in age and higher in income.

Taking A Chance With Online Mattress Shopping

As for the young folks, an option where cost and mode are not an issue should be considered. Especially during COVID-19 and everyone stuck at home, many have found pleasure through online shopping. Buying a mattress through the internet? Sounds unconvincing. We all know the struggles of online shopping, where you don’t always get what you pay for. The size is too big, the material is too coarse, just anything under the sun could go wrong with online shopping.

A woman paying for a purchase made online on her laptop.
Mattress shopping online may seem unfamiliar and scary as we step deeper into sleep adulthood. But reading the reviews will help reassure you.
Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

But I always find brands that allow free trials and the option for refund an attractive brand. It speaks confidence in their products and shows genuine intentions to make their customers happy. Taking a chance on brands like these is the leap of faith everyone talks about. The reason why I don’t see mattress shopping at physical stores essential to buying the perfect mattress is because people can’t properly test the mattress without being inappropriate or judged. Each person and their mattress will have different experiences, therefore a quick trip to the furniture store and sitting on the mattress does not cut it. We end up trusting our gut and having to wait until the delivery date to be able to truly feel it.

Before Buying A Mattress, Bring It Home First

Before buying something so meaningful that we use every day, wouldn’t you want to know exactly how long it will make you happy and satisfied? Like tasting an ice cream sample before buying the whole scoop, we need to sample how satisfied sleeping on a mattress will be. Unfortunately, it’s not a common service for furniture and mattress stores to provide a sample or return policy. But how will we know if the mattress is what we want if we don’t properly try it? Is it too much to ask for an actual test, at home?

A J-Foam mattress from Joey Mattress with a blanket thrown on top.
Light and resilient mattresses are ideal examples for in-home experiences. Resulting in more convenient deliveries and reduced mattress complications for both customers and brands.
Image from The Joey Mattress

The Next Step Of Sleep Adulthood

Who knew mattress shopping was so complicated right? Like adulthood, sleep can get more complex and harder to manage as we get older. Our needs change. But sometimes less is more. Unfortunately, since we can’t push a button labelled “fix all the things that bother me and make me happy so I can sleep like a baby again…”, we can try the next best thing. To embrace the pea under our mattress, instead of finding different things to help, changing the mattress itself makes the most sense.

A woman moving in holding a box in the bedroom.
Moving in somewhere new is a great opportunity to buy a mattress online as your stepping stone into sleep adulthood. Browse thoroughly and stick to stores that sell specifically mattresses only.
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Scared To Commit To Sleep Adulthood? Joey Mattress Got Your Back!

Joey Mattress is a popular Malaysian brand that checks all the boxes. They are an online mattress store selling J-Foam mattresses made from their own blend coupled with a unique micro-cell structure. We’ve previously described their mattress as being equal to the Goldilocks bed, not too hard nor too soft. Joey Mattress had completely abolished the idea of mattress shopping. Providing only one type of mattress to customers and completely managing their whole business online.

A set up of a Joey Mattress and their blue box at the side.
The Joey Mattress made from their special J-Foam might be able to give us the best of both worlds. The softness might be able to smother your metaphorical pea but not enough to be overwhelming.
Image by The Joey Mattress

However many young people don’t know what they are looking for and end up getting the total opposite of what they need. Joey Mattress prevents such dilemma whereby they sell only one type of mattress. As the J-Foam mattress is so popular, they solely focus on this one product since their inception. Their mattress is delivered right to your doorstep within a week’s time in a minimal blue box. Easy to assemble, the foam mattress is flexible enough to fit in a box making it ideal for deliveries. Started by 25-year-old founders, Joey Tan and Winson Chong have basically chosen the perfect mattress for you, and all you’ve got to do is trust them.

Joey Tan (left) and Winson Choong posing on with their J-foam mattress.
Joey Tan (left) and Winson Choong (right) have successfully built a meaningful mattress brand that has helped many people find what they never knew they needed.
Image from The Joey Mattress

Find Your True Love’s Mattress

It all began when they were customers themselves looking for a decent mattress but ended with an uncomfortable experience instead. Hence, they took it upon themselves to create the perfect balance of temperature, material, and design that they themselves could approve of. They know what the customers want because they have been in your shoes. Not sold yet? How about a 99-day in-home trial? You’ll get to have a full mattress home experience and find how it balances with your lifestyle and needs. All the questions you have about Joey Mattress will be answered from this trial. For answers to your sleep adulthood, do check out their website for more details.

A J-foam mattress from Joey Mattress in the process of being stitched up.
Each stitch of the mattress seems to be seamlessly sewn together creating its minimalist look. Everything about Joey Mattress seems very simple, even their logo. But excelling at the basics can be the road to even greater success.
Image from The Joey Mattress

Heave-Ho Pea, Let The Hope Of Sleep Hug Me

Find your true mattress that will help lessen the burden of the pea so that you can be in a place where you can sleep comfortably into dreamland. This is an important step in sleep adulthood. Accepting that your pea symbolises all the cares and worries that have to be addressed, the first step is to find comfort in a good mattress. Sleep is essential in our daily life, and having sound sleep is the next step to sleep adulthood.

Two girls laying down on a bed seen smiling and laughing giving hope to a smooth sleep adulthood.
In the end, your bed is always there for you whenever you need it. It’s a place of comfort that represents home. So why not give yourself the best sleep adulthood experience with Joey Mattress?
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

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  1. I do need a new mattress but I have scoliosis too. Does Joey Mattress have something that suits my condition better?

    • Hi Preeveena,

      Thanks for taking the time to read about sleep adulthood. Joey Mattress sells only one type of mattress. There have been many reviews praising its cure for back pain as its structure and material seem to satisfy many customers. I haven’t heard about how it affects scoliosis but if you’re really keen to try it out, their 99-days risk-free trial can help test if it suits your condition. For more information, you can check out their website.

      Thank you and good luck on your journey in sleep adulthood,
      Dina Ghazali

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