Scrunchies Elevate Confidence And Real Beauty (Part 2 Of 2)

In our previous article, we mentioned that scrunchies are healthier, versatile, and fashionable hair accessories. But let’s be real, there are many different types of scrunchies out there. So, how do we find one that accentuates our beauty the most? The one that would blow your date away as you sport a glamorous outfit with an exquisite scrunchie in tow? It goes beyond saying that the finer details make the biggest difference. We could be wearing expensive, designer clothes, but our hair gets to decide to either make or break our overall appearance. Having amazing hair is great, but knowing how to jazz it up is even better. Sometimes, all you need is a chic hair scrunchie that showcases your personality, character, and confidence best.

A woman wearing a green scrunchie raising her right palm facing outwards covering the right side of her face, hiding from the sunlight.
Our hair remains one of our greatest assets that can easily influence one’s impression towards us. Whilst it’s up to us to decide how to wear our hair, it’s best to look presentable at all times. In this case, a classic scrunchie is not only functional, but it also adds a pop of colour and vibrance. 
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Is There Such A Thing As The “Perfect” Scrunchie?

You might be thinking, “Let’s not get too ambitious, as perfect is too strong a word.” Due to the reality of this world, the concept of perfection, therefore, remains far-fetched and merely a myth. So, it’s totally reasonable if people wouldn’t go so far as to believe that there’s a so-called “perfect” scrunchie. But if you find joy in the simplest of things, it’s easy to find the right scrunchie that screams perfection to you. Just like meeting your soulmate, you’ll know when you’ve found “the one” when you feel a connection with the hair accessory.

In order for you to develop a unique bond with the scrunchie, you need to genuinely love and care for it. And what easier way to love a scrunchie than having one that truly embodies your beauty and spirit? To do so, I’ve come up with a three-step approach to help you find the ultimate scrunchie that will win your heart.

1. Get To Know Your Sense Of Fashion And Style

To begin with, the scrunchie is complementary and secondary to your hair and outfit. Therefore, it would be really helpful to familiarise yourself with your sense of fashion and style. Having a clear picture of your wardrobe collection helps determine the type of scrunchie that would suit your overall aesthetic. While the scrunchie is versatile to be worn with almost every article of clothing, there’s always a time and place to wear it.

A rack of brown-coloured clothes standing next to an artificial plant.
Knowing your fashion tastes and style preferences is one way to get to know yourself better. By doing so, it sets the tone for your character and personality, leaving you one step closer in finding your desired type of scrunchie.
Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

Generally speaking, the scrunchie would go well with skirts and dresses as they go hand-in-hand with the feminine aesthetic. But that doesn’t mean women who are into wearing shirts and trousers can’t join in the fun! In fact, it would create a lovely, striking contrast by wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans with the scrunchie. 

However, when it comes to formal, corporate wear, the scrunchie might not be the most fitting hair accessory as it is more casual than professional. Nevertheless, if you prefer a more laid-back look, you can always count on a scrunchie to liven things up a little.

2. Identify Your Favourite Colour(s)

Have you ever wondered why we tend to gravitate towards certain colours? Studies found that people are drawn to colours that appeal to them most. This happens because such colours symbolise their personal, and positive experiences. Therefore, this inevitably prompts us to naturally develop a liking towards a certain colour. Without a doubt, having an item in our favourite colour encourages us to value and treasure it even more.

Starting from the left to right, a yellow, red, and blue scrunchie are clad in flower-patterned fabric resting against a clear, blue sky as the image's backdrop.
In one way or another, we have allowed colours to rule our choices and decisions prior to buying an item.
Photo by Pexels User from Pexels

And the same can be said when shopping for a scrunchie. Part of the journey in finding the right scrunchie are those that come in our favourite colour(s). When investing in a scrunchie in your preferred choice of colour, you will surely wear it with pride and confidence. Additionally, having a wider range of desired colours for your scrunchies allows you to decide which suits your skin tone best.

3. Select Your Favourite Prints/Patterns

For the third and final step, let’s take a moment for a little self-reflection. Do you prefer having a simple, yet elegantly designed scrunchie or a bold-patterned scrunchie? Or perhaps, you might even be into both? Regardless of your preferences, find out what you really want as you decide which design you’re most comfortable with.

An image of a female model wearing a fluffy, pink satin scrunchie paired with a pink top.
At the end of the day, what matters is how you wish to express yourself. Nothing is more empowering than embracing our natural beauty that can be enhanced with this fluffy, pink scrunchie, for instance.
Image from T’Ruli Products

To let your natural, inner beauty shine, you can do so with the help of a local, scrunchie maker. T’Ruli Products is a Malaysian scrunchie brand that inspires women across the region to embrace their own unique charm and femininity.

An Ever-Growing Collection Of Scrunchies By T’Ruli Products

1. Satin Scrunchies

Due to the satin’s soft texture, it’s no wonder that satin scrunchies make great hair protectors. Not only are they beautiful and shiny, but they also keep our hair from experiencing hair frizz and breakage. I’m thrilled to share that T’Ruli Products offers a great deal of colourful, high quality satin scrunchies. If you’re into minimalist scrunchies, you might want to give these elegant hair accessories a go.

A total of seven fluffy, satin scrunchies in different colours laying on a white cloth.
Wearing a fluffy, jumbo-sized scrunchy is a great way to exaggerate our overall look as they are larger and more noticeable. These would be the perfect hair accessory for a date, wedding, or a glam hangout with friends.
Image from T’Ruli Products

2. Batik Scrunchies

The batik has a unique cross-cultural history with Indonesian roots. On 2nd October 2009, UNESCO officially recognised the batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. So, if you are a fan of traditional prints and patterns, try checking out the batik collection by T’Ruli Products. And for those into lightweight hair accessories, this might just be the one for you.

Two rows of batik scrunchies lying on top of a white cloth.
The batik scrunchie is versatile for both formal and casual occasions and is a perfect complementary piece for cultural wear. When suitable, batik is also a common material worn during corporate events.
Image from T’Ruli Products

3. Scrunchies With Tails

To me, the floral scrunchies with tails series is a modern incarnation of the Bohemian era – long, flowy, and colourful. We can’t turn back time, but we can always revive the fun, hippie fashion back to life.

Four pieces of flower-patterned scrunchies sewn with tails resting atop a white cloth.
The scrunchie with tails possesses a unique and delicate flair, like no other. These are suitable to be paired with a lace dress, a poet shirt, or a midi skirt.
Image from T’Ruli Products
A photograph of a girl using the scrunchie with tails to secure her braided pigtail.
The tails also add a playful element to the scrunchie. It can be worn with a casual t-shirt, yet still remains lady-like.
Image from T’Ruli Products

The Dynamic Duo Behind T’Ruli Products 

With a strong passion and talent in sewing, Easter Setta and Evane Serrah are a pair of sisters who brought the brand to life in July 2020. Hailing from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, these ladies are self-taught in their craft, and have used their skills in making and selling handmade scrunchies, headbands, and masks. T’Ruli Products not only sells, but believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in the scrunchies they wear.

An image of the two founders of T'Ruli Products standing next to each other.
From a young age, Evane (left) and Easter (right) had dreams of becoming exceptional tailors. Thanks to their equally talented mother and aunties who love sewing, they are thus inspired to continue pursuing the delicate art of sewing.
Image from T’Ruli Products

To reach out to T’Ruli Products. you can contact them on Instagram and Facebook. Alternatively, you can also check out their website for more details and information.

The Scrunchie As A Beacon Of Style And Character

If I could give the scrunchie an award, it would be to honour its service in helping people look beautiful inside out. I believe that fashion doesn’t change who we are, but rather, it unleashes the colourful side of our personality. In this case, when you finally find the perfect scrunchie, it would definitely be worth the wait. And what’s more, the right scrunchie also serves as a beacon of style and character that compliments your beauty and elegance.

Do you have a favourite scrunchie that you absolutely love and adore?
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  2. I’d love to ask, do all the scrunchies have a similar price? Judging by their designs, I would assume that the Satin Scrunchies are cheaper than the other types 🙂

    • Hey there, thanks for your question! Whilst the prices are similar, they do vary by design and sizes. For the standard, fluffy satin scrunchie, it’s MYR16. But you can also choose the regular and/or the jumbo-sized ones priced at MYR4 and MYR5 respectively. 🙂 Meanwhile, the scrunchie with tails is at MYR12, while the batik scrunchie costs MYR4 (regular) and MYR5 (jumbo). For more information on the pricing, please do visit the website. Wishing you a nice day ahead!

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