TEWS – The Book Is Finally Out!

TEWS – The Espoletta Writing System book is finally out. It took a little longer than expected, but it’s finally here, in print. There were a few slight changes in the title and cover design, but the content remained relatively the same. So there you go, it’s finally available for sale.

Perspective image of the TEWS front cover.
TEWS – The front cover of the book, with the same overall design language as the Espoletta brand identity.
Image by Author

What’s TEWS All About?

We’ve mentioned in the previous article that we’re looking to solidify our in-house writing tutorial into a proper book. One that’s not only available to our writers, but also to the general public. With the launch of this book, the privilege previously accorded to our in-house writers, is now available to everybody. If you’re a newbie looking to dive into the writing industry, or an experienced writer seeking fresh perspective, take heed. We’re sharing all of our writing secrets in this book.

Physical Description Of The Book

TEWS is a soft cover, A5 sized (148.5mm ✕ 210mm) book. Large enough for easy handling and legibility, yet compact enough to carry with you on your daily train commute. It contains a total of 182 printed pages, which makes it a mere 10mm thick. It’s a quick guide, not a dictionary or an encyclopaedia.

View of the inside of the book, showing the layout of the chapters, paragraphs and footnotes.
Small enough for single-handed hold, yet large enough to ease handling and legibility.
Image by Author

We excluded all the fluffs from unnecessarily plumping up the book’s physical dimensions. We’ve also designed it from the ground up for easy carrying, so bring it along with you wherever you go. Just don’t leave it on your book rack for extended periods of time. It’s not a piece of décor to spice up your book rack.

Complications With Book Publishers

We mentioned previously that we’re looking to work with a book publisher to bring this book to the market. However, we’ve encountered one problem after another whilst negotiating with some of them. It seems that many of them are rather pessimistic of the overall books market. Unless, of course, it’s an academic book, new titles from well-established writers, or reprints of existing best sellers.

Numerous books stacked neatly on racks.
Books galore, at your local bookshop. Unfortunately book publishers are cutting down on publishing and printing new books, or at least for new authors.
Image by Pexel from Pixabay

Hence, there’s no way any publishers were willing to work with us. Unless, of course, we purchase a publishing package from them, and bear all the upfront costs ourselves. In fact, some of them quite literally promoted their publishing packages to us… And you know that we’re not exactly fond of push marketing, especially somebody else pushing it to us…

Scale Down And Self-Publish

At the end of the day, we’ve decided to scale everything down to the bare minimum. We went with self-publishing, and print the books on demand. That will inevitably drive the cost per book up pretty high. But at least we don’t have to tie up our funds indefinitely. At least until we’ve managed to sell X-number of books to break even. This X-number differs from publisher to publisher, but they’re generally pretty large.

Perspective view of the back cover or TEWS, showing the blurb and the Author.
The back cover of TEWS. Nothing fancy, just enough to get the message across.
Image by Author

The cost per book will be more expensive with self-publishing and print-on-demand. But at least there’s no large upfront payment for us to bear. So instead, we’ve decided to pass on all the savings to our buyers.

TEWS Is Finally Available For Sale

TEWS is available for sale at MYR49.00 per book. At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, it’s only available for sale directly from us. It’s not available at any retail bookshops, at least not in the near future. And since we’re just only starting out, we’re not planning to set up any online stores either. So please contact us directly to place your order.

Half-body close up of the Author holding a copy of TEWS.
The Author of TEWS, CHOW Wei Ming, holding up the first copy of the book.
Image by Author

Do take note that the price doesn’t include the shipping cost. Hence, the final price will include the shipping cost to deliver TEWS directly to your doorstep (or your post box). Also take note that the actual shipping cost may differ depending on location. And overseas shipping will invariably cost more. We won’t know the exact shipping cost yet, so please enquire when placing your order.

Is TEWS Available As An E-Book?

Unfortunately, we have no plans to release TEWS as an e-book. At least not in the immediate future. And we have no plans to offer TEWS on any existing e-book platforms at the moment. But if there’s sufficient demand for an e-book version, we might just change our minds. Right now, we just want to concentrate on releasing the physical book first.

Can We Have A Sneak Peek At TEWS?

As in the previous article, we’re also including a downloadable PDF file (3.3MB) of the first three chapters here too. Take it as a free sample to whet your appetite. In the meantime, can we also have a show of hands those interested in this book? And perhaps those who prefer an e-book over a physical one? In the meantime, we’re hard at work to finish writing our second book, so stay tuned for more details.

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Update @ 25 October 2022 – The TEWS e-book is now available for purchase @ USD8.00 on this link. Consider buying me a coffee if you’d like to support my work.

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