Brand ID – Our Second Book Is Out

Brand ID – our second book is now live… Surprised how we managed to launch our second book just two months after launching TEWS, our first book? We’ll share our little secret a little later, but for now, enjoy our fresh-out-of-the-oven book.

Perspective view of the Brand ID book front cover.
Brand ID – The overall cover design is similar to TEWS, as well as to the overall Espoletta design language too.
Image by Author

What’s Brand ID, And Why Should I Care?

If you’re active on social media, especially on LinkedIn, you’ve probably seen ads for branding services, whether corporate or personal. And yes, your brand image is indeed important. Your brand image is how your audience sees you. Hence, wouldn’t it make sense to curate and develop a favourable brand image? An exact image that you want your audience to see you as?

Close-up of a hand arranging the alphabets to spell "BRAND".
Is branding such a difficult task that you have to engage experts? Or can you actually manage it yourself?
Image by @zaozaa09 of Freepik

Well, this book dives deep into the details of how one can do exactly that. But we do that in a way that’s simple enough for everybody to understand. Brand ID isn’t an academic journal, full of technical jargons. Even a layperson with zero knowledge in branding can understand the book.

Physical Description Of The Book

Just like TEWS, Brand ID is a compact, legible, hand-held, easy-to-read book. It’s a soft cover, A5 size (148.5mm ✕ 210mm), containing 204 pages. It’ll fit easily into your handbag or briefcase without taking up too much space.

View of the inside of the book, showcasing the formatting, and handling single-handed.
Brand ID is small enough for single-handed hold, yet won’t take up too much space in your handbag or briefcase.
Image by Author

A great company for your holidays to the beach, as well as a trusty companion in your daily train commute. So don’t just leave it on your book rack. Bring it along with you wherever you go.

Launching Brand ID So Soon After TEWS?

We took a long time to publish TEWS, much longer than anticipated. During which time, I’ve started writing Brand ID already. Plus, this was actually a revival of a book that I never really completed, many, many years ago. So starting work on an existing idea was way faster than writing something completely from scratch.

Perspective view of the back cover of Brand ID.
The simple back cover of Brand ID, with the blurb to whet your appetite.
Image by Author

Brand ID writing was almost complete by the time TEWS launched. Plus, it’s easier to get to work publishing it whilst the prior experience is still fresh in our minds. So there you are, our second book, a bare two months after publishing our first.

Brand ID Is Available For Sale

Brand ID is available for sale at MYR49.00 per book. Same as with TEWS, it’s only available directly from us for the foreseeable future. They both won’t be available at any retail bookshops, at least until a publisher decides to work with us. And for now, they also won’t be available on any online stores either. Should there be any changes, we shall make an official announcement then.

The Author holding a copy of the Brand ID book, proudly showing it off.
The Author of Brand ID, CHOW Wei Ming, holding up the first copy of the book.
Image by Author

Again, the price of the book doesn’t include the shipping cost. Kindly enquire the final price of the book(s), including shipping, directly to your doorstep (or post box).

Is Brand ID Available As An E-Book?

We have no immediate plans to release it as an e-book. But, taking into consideration the enquiries we received from TEWS, we’re seriously considering to release them as e-books. If and when we do decide to release them as e-books, we shall make the official announcements here.

The Author holding up both TEWS and Brand ID, proudly showing them off.
The Author proudly holding up both TEWS and Brand ID.
Image by Author

In the meantime, do consider purchasing the physical book instead. There’s something magical with reading a physical book. Flipping the pages manually will feel much better than mindlessly scrolling through your tablet.

First Three Chapters Available For Free

We have included a downloadable PDF file (6MB) of the first three chapters as a sample to whet your appetite. Can we have a show of hands for those interested to purchase this book? Also how many of you prefer an e-book over a physical one?

Are you interested to purchase a copy of the Brand ID book?
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Update @ 25 October 2022 – The Brand ID e-book is now available for purchase @ USD8.00 on this link.

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    • Thank you John for your kind comments. 😊 You can purchase an e-book immediately from this link. Or if you’d prefer a hard copy, drop me a message, and we’ll arrange to send it to you in about a week or two. Do take note that with CNY around the corner, it may take a little longer than usual.

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