Editorial Team

Florence KHA 🇲🇾


Florence (or just Flo to those close to her) oversees the Editorial Team as the Editor-In-Chief, the head-honcho, the el presidente. Nothing gets past her without her saying so, and nothing gets published without her giving the green light. But don’t worry too much, she’s probably one of the friendliest persons you’ve ever met.

CHOW Wei Ming 🇲🇾

Executive Editor

With more than 200 articles published under his belt, Wei Ming is a veteran when it comes to writing. But these days, he spends more time scrutinising the initial stage of editing, overseeing the “big picture”, before any draft even goes through the detailed editing process. He’s the one who ensures that all published articles’ layout is visually attractive, and engages the audience all the way to the very end. If you can get through him, the chances of your draft getting published are pretty high… Flo calls him the “Simon Cowell” of journalism.

Caden GOH 🇲🇾


A quiet demeanour, with a face that almost always looks pensive, Caden will indeed surprise you with a warm heart and friendly smile… that is, until you step on his toes… When that happens, all bets are off the table. Spends his free time scouring for exotic cuisines, meeting up with friends, and enjoying a good cup of latte, but not necessarily in that order.

Jeevitha KUMAR 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

Jeevitha first ventured abroad at a tender age of nine, and immediately fell in love with the idea of travelling. To date, she’s been globe-trotting for almost a decade, with the aim of exploring and understanding cross-cultural differences. Travel is perhaps among the best education one can receive, and her travels have shaped her into the person that she is today. Oh!… And did we also mention that she’s a doctor too?

Atiqah GHAZALI 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

Having spent her formative years overseas with her expat parents, Atiqah grew up immersed in a melting pot of global cultures. She’s well read from a young age, full of curiosity and enthusiasm, and expresses herself best through writing, art and photography. It’s not surprising that she treasures her collection of old photographs, stories, and art pieces, to remind her of what she’s been through in life. An architect by qualification, but she decided that the best way to express her artistic flair was in the world of interior design. Why make the switch?… Well, she’s always dreamt of designing her parents’ future home.

Hazel LING 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

Friendly and sociable, and a total bibliophiliac (yes, it’s a real word, look it up!). Being exposed to books as a toddler, Hazel developed the love for reading when everybody else her age was still exploring the playground, and learning not everything that looks colourful is edible… Because of that, she grew up loving to read and write. She’s also musically inclined, playing the piano for leisure, a self-professed science nerd, and a logophile too (yes, that’s also a real word too, look it up!).

Azlina ALI 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

A veteran journalist of both mainstream newspaper, and a slower paced magazine, Azlina has experienced it all in the media industry. When she assumed the role of a wife and mother, her passion for writing never waned. It was merely paused, muted, occasionally eclipsed by circumstances and opportunities, whilst the skills that made her a successful storyteller continued to evolve. Over time, she developed an interest for a healthy and active life, advocating subtle dietary changes, and pursuing an active lifestyle. This new perspective in life has even gotten her to participate in The London Marathon 2019, and a host of hiking adventures the world over… But the time now has come to reignite the flame of storytelling once more…

Hisham ARIS 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

Hailing from a science background, Hisham is a self-taught writer. He started journaling about technical subjects, but before long, he found himself waist deep in pretty much every subject under the sky. His specialty is an uncanny ability to translate technical mumbo-jumbo into an easily comprehensible human language.

Afrina MOKHTAR 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

An introvert lived most of her life abroad, Afrina is accustomed to surrounding herself with people from different cultures. She likes to let off steam through writing and art, and used to dream of becoming a manga artist. Somehow, she managed to enter the path of writing instead. An unexpected turn of events, but not an unwelcome one! She’s into mysterious and supernatural stories, but she daren’t watch a horror film or TV show by herself (or else she’ll traumatise herself). She also happens to be an anime enthusiast! So, if you talk to her about anime, there will be no end to the conversation. 

Shaalni PARAM 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

A mechanical engineer by profession, Shaalni is a polyglot (she speaks English, Malay, Tamil, French and German), and an outgoing travel junkie. Hence, it’s rather strange that she considers herself an introvert… Nevertheless, she enjoys meeting new friends, which is great if you’re into travelling. She’s also highly ambitious, with many goals in life, all neatly lined up (one of which is to get her first book published). However, achieving one’s goals alone is meaningless if you’re not having fun pursuing them, right? Hence, she believes in being adventurous in pursuit of her goals, and not being completely engrossed with the pursuit. Oh, by the way, if you can… ahem… parle français, she’ll be more than happy to have a conversation with you.

Nicole ERZA 🇲🇾

Journalist / Writer

A business marketing graduate, Nicole dipped her toes in the event industry, and never looked back since. She’s now a model and talent in the entertainment industry, though she still dabbles in the corporate world too. With one finger firmly embedded in each industry, she gets to personally experience what most can only imagine. But good news for those eager to explore the entertainment industry, she wants to share stories of her experiences too. So if you’re interested in modelling, acting, entertainment, etc., stay tuned. She’s a living proof that you can both earn a living in the entertainment industry, and still have fun doing it.