Management Team

Florence KHA

Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Having founded and created online platforms for consumers in market research studies, and business-buy-sell in Malaysia, what drives Florence, is the endless opportunities that digital marketing can do to one’s passion or business. Whilst we may be busy pursuing our life’s goals, we often overlook the small but meaningful things (or even people!) around us which can profoundly impact our lifestyle choices. And Florence hopes Espoletta could bring that experience to every reader.

CHOW Wei Ming

Executive Partner / Co-Founder

Has been in the creative industry, under various capacities, for decades, before moving up the ladder, into corporate branding. Photography, photo finishing, visual communications, graphic design, layout design, pre-press, printing, post-press, you name it, and he has probably done it before. Espoletta is the sum of all the lessons learnt throughout the years, the perfect form of mass communications, to deliver ultimate lifestyle guide.

Renée NG

Webmaster / Design Editor

Years of experience in the design field has honed Renée’s skills in concept creation, visual layout, colours, basically anything and everything that defines beauty around us. If you want your mundane looking messages to be beautifully presented, you can never go wrong with engaging her magic touch. And Espoletta is where your deepest, most meaningful messages, are magically transformed into works of art.