Sales And Service Team

CHOW Wei Ming 🇲🇾

Sales And Service Manager

Wei Ming believes that regardless what industry you go into, or what role you assume in the said industry, when you progress up the corporate ladder, you’ll always end up doing sales. It’s inevitable. But then again, the most satisfying job in the world is when you close a sale, you also help clients get what they want, and see them walk away happy.

Gloria LEE 🇲🇾

Sales And Service Partner

A registered Chemist by profession, Gloria’s at her best when she’s donning her safety goggles and labcoat, doing “sciencey” stuff in a laboratory. When she’s out of the lab, she’s also an advocate for environmental sustainability too. She grows her own pesticide free vegetables, using home produced and composted fertiliser. Her mission in life is to convert all of us into little greenies, and contribute to the conservation of environment… And yes, to live a healthier lifestyle too.

Florence FANG 🇲🇾

Sales And Service Partner

A Quantity Surveyor by profession, and a well known go-getter in the highly demanding construction industry. Yet, Florence still finds time to learn new skills, while juggling the duties as a wife and mother. What better way to nurture her two children than to lead by example, right?

Sharon LIAN 🇲🇾

Sales And Service Partner

A registered Chartered Secretary by profession, Sharon started her career attending one boring meeting after another, taking down minutes, juggling stacks of forms for submission to the Registrar of Companies, and a whole lot of other mindless paper shuffling and pen pushing… Until she discovered that competing in the corporate rat race wasn’t exactly her cup of tea. She took a 20-year sabbatical to break away from the corporate world, and focus on her family. It wasn’t until both her kids left the nest, that she finally discovered her true calling in the world of art and craft. These days, she spends many weekends setting up booths and selling her unique artwork there.

Alice YEE 🇲🇾

Sales And Service Partner

Single mother of two adult children (fondly referred to as her “sports cars”), Alice can now heave a sigh of relief, knowing that her “investment” has paid off. Having been in the financial industry for three decades, she handles a wide portfolio of clients, from “cradle to grave”. Enthuses that financial freedom is everybody’s dream, and she’s no different from the rest of the dreamers. When not engrossed with work, you can find her enjoying coffee chats and karaoke sessions with clients who have since become lifelong friends, or nonchalantly sipping chilled champagne from a fancy flute, in some exotic getaway. She’s almost never not doing anything…

Julia YONG 🇲🇾

Sales And Service Partner

A marketer with many years of experience helping various industries grow, Julia brings to the table what no traditional marketing professional has ever thought of before – visual creativity and storytelling. Throw in some business acumen and analytical skills, and we’ll end up with some pretty creative marketing techniques. Of course, not everything is about work, and Julia is also another foodie too, exploring every nook and cranny for exotic cuisines. Wanna know more about her gastronomic adventures? Fear not, for she’s also fond of capturing her adventures through her video logs too. That’s right, she’s both a vlogger and a blogger!

Don KHOE 🇸🇬

Sales And Service Partner

An avid investor and an active sportsperson, Don takes pride in his role as a salesperson. He’s a highly motivated and ambitious fellow. He also truly believes that sales helps him to reach out and connect with others. How else can you add values to others’ lives, right? In his free time, he enjoys coaching squash, boxing, and of course, watching movies. If you need somebody to engage in serious discussion about investment, or perhaps you’re looking for a sparring partner to box with, Don’s your man.