Sales And Service Team

CHOW Wei-Ming

Sales And Service Manager

Wei-Ming believes that regardless what industry you go into, or what role you assume in the said industry, when you progress up the corporate ladder, you’ll always end up doing sales. It’s inevitable. But then again, the most satisfying job in the world is when you close a sale, you also help clients get what they want, and see them walk away happy.

Silvi CHAN

Sales And Service Partner

A HR professional by trade with a background in advertising, business and marketing, Silvi is multi-talented, as she is well experienced in multiple industries. Her interests include travelling, cooking, fashion, beauty and make-up. A self-proclaimed foodie, she spends her free time discovering and trying out new cuisines.

Gloria LEE

Sales And Service Partner

A registered Chemist by profession, Gloria’s at her best when she’s donning her safety goggles and labcoat, doing “sciencey” stuff in a laboratory. When she’s out of the lab, she’s also an advocate for environmental sustainability too. She grows her own pesticide free vegetables, using home produced and composted fertiliser. Her mission in life is to convert all of us into little greenies, and contribute to the conservation of environment… And yes, to live a healthier lifestyle too.

Florence FANG

Sales And Service Partner

A Quantity Surveyor by profession, and a well known go-getter in the highly demanding construction industry. Yet, Florence still finds time to learn new skills, while juggling the duties as a wife and mother. What better way to nurture her two children than to lead by example, right?

Shirley LEONG

Sales And Service Partner

Business professional turned full-time stay-at-home mum, Shirley is well-known for her friendly and sociable demeanour. But just because she enjoys whipping up delicious treats and baking cakes, don’t assume that she’s a softie. Quite the contrary, she’s actually a serial marathoner, and you often see her participating in one run after another. After all, what better way to burn off all the excess calories than to hit the road hard, and watch all the well-built, muscular, perfect example of masculinity eat her dust?…

Sharon LIAN

Sales And Service Partner

A registered Chartered Secretary by profession, Sharon started her career attending one boring meeting after another, taking down minutes, juggling stacks of forms for submission to the Registrar of Companies, and a whole lot of other mindless paper shuffling and pen pushing… Until she discovered that competing in the corporate rat race wasn’t exactly her cup of tea. She took a 20-year sabbatical to break away from the corporate world, and focus on her family. It wasn’t until both her kids left the nest, that she finally discovered her true calling in the world of art and craft. These days, she spends many weekends setting up booths and selling her unique artwork there.

Karen KUAN

Sales And Service Partner

Nobody can claim to be more entrepreneurial than Karen, having jumped head first into the business bandwagon straight out of secondary school. She’s experienced in advertising and promotion, sales and marketing, event organising, and even participated actively in them too, as emcee and even voice talent. Even then, she doesn’t consider herself a workaholic, as spending time with her family does take priority. And her ultimate ambition in life? Well, that’s to live a healthy live, and keep her passion burning strong.

Pauline CHAI

Sales And Service Partner

Full-time mother, part-time serial entrepreneur, Pauline is a self-taught health expert, embracing the path of holistic, and more importantly, affordable approach. When not sharing all her self-study knowledge on health and well being, she’s also another foodie, who loves to travel, try out new cuisines, and meet new friends. She’s literally everybody’s best friend.