Books Published

Below is a list of books that have been published, in the process of being published, or in the process of being written.

The Espoletta Writing System

AuthorCHOW Wei Ming
Publisher – Still negotiating
Total Pages – 183
Physical Book – Still negotiating
E-Book – Still negotiating
*Note* – Cover design not finalised yet


Everybody can write in an attractive way. So why then are so many short stories, blog posts, and even books, so difficult to finish reading? Two or three paragraphs in, and you find it hard to read any further.

The Espoletta Writing System is just one of the countless schools of thought that advocates good writing. So what makes this writing system different from the rest of the other more established writing systems? 

The Espoletta Writing System takes on the perspective of the readers, not the writers. This departure from the more common approach of the established writing formats forces writers to rethink how they write. How else will you know if your readers truly find your writing easy to read in the first place?

So what about you? Do you have what it takes to produce literary works that are easy for your readers to consume?

Curating Your Brand Stories

AuthorCHOW Wei Ming
Publisher – Unfinished
Total Pages – Unfinished
Physical Book – Unfinished
E-Book – Unfinished
*Note* – Cover design not finalised yet


This book is in the process of being written.