Journalists And Writers

You love to travel and see the world. But that’s not all, you also love to share the stories of your travels too, every little detail about it. Your biggest satisfaction is when you share your knowledge freely, knowing that the knowledge will come in useful to those whom you shared your stories with. Your favourite past time as a kid was story time, by the campfire, during the many camping trips that you attended. But if there’s no campfire, no worries too. You also love telling stories under a blanket, during the many sleepovers on your best friend’s bed, with nothing more than a torchlight for illumination.

You’re a storyteller, eager to share the wealth of your knowledge and experience with the world.
Image source: @drobotdean of Freepik

If this describes who you are, then you’re the chosen one… Well, one of the many chosen ones… If you have a degree in journalism, that’s great, but it’s not a prerequisite. Likewise, if you’re well published, whether books, news, feature articles, blogs, etc., that’ll be the icing on the cake… as long as your passion for story telling is the cake itself.

So stop whatever you’re doing, and get in touch with us right now!