Not Getting Proper Sleep?… Yea, Me Too!

Getting enough sleep is vital in our daily routine to stay healthy. But if you’re like me, having a good night’s sleep can remain elusive at times. Having to toss and turn for minutes, if not hours before dozing off is taking its toll on me. Such a feeling can be quite tiresome when waking up the next day. It affects not only our overall health but also our daily performance. So what can we do about it?

Sleep problem: Girl sitting on bed with one hand holding her head as though she's having a headache
Insomnia? Headache? Lethargic? They are all effects from the lack of a proper sleep.
Imagy by Tirachardz from Freepik

Building Good Habits Before Going To Sleep

It is easy to take medication such as sleeping pills to address our sleep problem. However this is not a healthy long-term solution. I have found several helpful natural ways to improve my quality of sleep. These good habits are worth sharing.

1. Keep Gadgets Away Before Going To Sleep

In these modern times, we are all glued to our phone or computer screens. Gadgets have become an essential part of our daily lives that we would be lost and helpless without them. I admit, I am guilty as charged. I would be watching YouTube or push for that last round of game in my mobile phone while lying in bed.

Teddy bear staring at computer screen
Lights are a sign it is still time to be awake. Staring at the screen at night signals our mind that it is still bright out there and it is not bedtime yet.
Image by DanFa from Pixabay

However, what we fail to realise is that these gadgets contribute to our sleeplessness. The blue light emitted by our screens tricks our mind into thinking that it is still daytime. This in turn keeps our mind alert and restless. So an hour or two before bedtime, be sure to stay away from our screens. Read a book, write a journal or even meditate. These actions help our mind to attune to the environment around us and prepare our mind for a better sleep.

2. Maintain A Proper Sleep Time

Old clock showing 11:17pm sleep time
Time is valuable and a proper sleep time is vital to our daily lives. So don’t waste it.
Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

As a person with an inconsistent sleeping time, I can vouch how it has affected me. My mind is not as sharp, I lack focus on my tasks be it at work or even daily routines. So to counter the issue, I made it a point to switch off the lights and lie in bed by 11PM daily. This is so that my circadian rhythm is consistent. This tremendously improves my sleeping pattern as my body automatically knows when to sleep and when to wake up.

3. Have A Cut-Off Time For Meals

Hunger pangs nearing the midnight hour can be quite demanding. However, do bear in mind that eating a meal can keep us awake longer than usual. Eating before bed could signal our brain into thinking it still needs to stay awake and possibly cause insomnia.

Sleep problem: Lady having sandwich
Eating before bed can be tempting but save the scrumptious meals for mealtime.
Image by The BlackRabbit from Unsplash

I bet most of you out there would remember feeling drowsy after a heavy lunch at work. So why not? Unfortunately that is not the case when it comes to our nightly meals. Eating a heavy meal, especially foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, releases serotonin which can cause drowsiness. However, converting all that food into energy at night doesn’t help us relax. So be sure to have at least a three-hour gap between your last meal of the day till bedtime.

These are a few habits we can work on to help us get a better sleep at night. But aside from building these habits, there are also other physical aspects to aid us in getting a restful sleep.

Smell Your Way To Slumberland

Lady smelling flower
Smells affect our moods. They lead to happiness, anger, annoyance, and many other emotions. So be sure to get the right scent to relax and unwind.
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Our nose plays a vital part in our daily lives. It helps us detect danger should it hit our receptors whilst looking for food. Of course, our sensory has dulled down compared to our primitive days but it still can affect our moods. Scents from essential oils such as holy basil or sweet basil can help alleviate stress whilst bergamot and chamomile help to relieve stress.

Scented candles could help with getting the right scent however I wouldn’t recommend lighting a candle in the room and accidentally dozing off. Use a diffuser and include a few drops of lavender extract essential oil to get that nice relaxing scent wafting through the air to help your mind relax.

Mattress Matters!

Sleep problem: Teddy bear sleeping on mattress
Invest in things that are essential to our health. A good mattress is vital to provide the comfort we need as we sleep.
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

The most important part of getting a deep, proper sleep is on the very bed itself. This is one part of the process I would recommend against being thrifty. Our mattress plays a significant part in our sleep cycle. We spend approximately eight hours a day sleeping on it, so a little investment goes a long way for our well-being in the long run.

What do we have to consider when selecting our perfect mattress? Firstly, firmness. Too soft and it could result in a backache whilst being too hard could cause joint pains. Secondly, heat retention. Sleeping on a hot bed can be uncomfortable, so be sure to find a mattress that is able to disperse heat well. Lastly, hygiene. Be sure to find a mattress that is anti-dust mites. These little critters feast on our dead skin cells and are the cause for asthma and allergy for many individuals.

So Where Can We Find The Perfect Mattress?

So where can we find the mattress that suits our individual needs? Well, the stores or shopping malls aren’t the best place for this. Physical testing is always the best option to asses if a mattress is suitable, but a five-minute test is insufficient. It’s good for a first impression but sleeping on it every night may bring about a different experience.

Joey Mattress bed profile
Friendly, comfy, revolutionary. These are the few words that can describe Joey Mattress.
Image from Joey Mattress

Fortunately, I’ve recently found Joey Mattress. They are a Malaysian mattress start-up that sells only one type of mattress. A foam-based mattress made of J-Foam which is their own proprietary formula for the right firmness and heat dispersion that caters to tropical climate and anti-dust mite. One of the two founders, Winson Chong had a similar experience when looking for the perfect mattress. He went ahead with a mattress that felt good at the store and ended up with a trip to the chiropractor instead.

Founders Joey Tan and Winson Chong posing with their mattresses
Joey Tan (left) and Winson Chong (right) founded Joey Mattress to make mattress shopping an easier process whilst providing only one best choice mattress.
Image from Joey Mattress

To solve this issue, Joey Mattress came up with a 99-night trial for their mattresses. You can spend three months getting comfortable with it and return it if it’s not suitable. What’s more, with the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, you can shop for your perfect mattress from the safety of your own home. At the moment however, they only ship within Malaysia but plans to expand shipping globally in the near future.

A Better Sleep Every Night

After changing to a comfortable mattress, I found that my sleep quality has improved tremendously. My body is able to shut down and I don’t toss and turn anymore. To find out more about how you can get your dream mattress, check out their website or submit your enquiries on their Facebook page. So what do you guys think? Did these tips help you get a better sleep at night? Leave some suggestions in the comment segment below on how you get a restful sleep.

When picking a mattress which factor do you consider is of utmost priority?

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